Al Green show his eyes at the BET Awards
Jun 25 2008
10:10 pm

A Slice of The BET Awards: Al Green is a Comedian

In year’s past, the BET Awards old school performance always steals the night: Earth, Wind and Fire and Prince really schooled the young ProTools bred artists. Al Green was this year’s legendary honoree/performer. In his acceptance speech Al Green thanked.. The Academy.. like he was at the Oscars.
Thinking he was joking.. everyone laughed. He wasn’t. Not getting the response he was looking for, Al Green said the hell with this speech and walked backstage.. veer left . over to his performance.

I wish I could say I was surprised that he seemed so wacky.
But in a new WaxPoetics interview I kind of got a hint that he was.. I’ll let him tell it.


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