Dennis Haysbert as David Palmer on 24
Jul 03 2008
7:38 am

Dennis Haysbert for President!.. At Least, Obama’s VP

I have this theory that hip-hop’s saturation of the entertainment world made it possible for Barack Obama to win the Democratic primary and could be America’s first black president. Think of the number of young people that grew up seeing black entertainers in positions of influence and mainstream success.

Even outside of the fan circle, in Iowa and Wisconsin, the subconscious drip, drip, drip of.. “we can do that too” splatters and eats away at the opposite idea which is.. well, THEY aren’t smart enough. That media bred familiarity is why blind racism seems so outdated in this political cycle.

Let’s toss in Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods for sports; Will Smith for movies; and.. Dennis Haysbert for TV?


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