Live Earth: The Summer Jam Edition
Jul 08 2007
10:23 am

Live Earth Performances: The Summer Jam Edition

Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Corinne Bailey Rae, Ludacris, Alicia Keys, I think that constitutes a decent Summer Jam lineup. Live Earth was everything that it should have been: filled with entertaining performances, good energy, and lite suggestions every now and then explaining what a person can actually do to make a difference.

Bravo did a nice job of mixing things up, making it feel like the global concert that it was. Their broadcast performances felt like album cuts as opposed to what NBC later put on the air. If that’s all you saw, I guarantee you didn’t get the full effect. Which makes sense when you consider that you can’t possibly get all of the performances on the air in three hours. XM was the only media outlet running a live feed from all of the concerts, from Brazil to Australia to Giants Stadium.


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Live Earth
Jul 05 2007
9:07 pm

LIVE Earth Saturday: The 24 Hour Green Thing Concert

Al Gore sparked the match of awareness for us regular folks, putting us on that global warming is slowly cooking us like a tasty frog soup. It’s an inconvenient truth that’s disputed one week, “We can’t help it, it’s the sun’s fault”, screamed like biblical prophecy the next, “The tipping point has arrived.

The short take on the whole deal is whether it’s the sun’s increasing intensity or accumulated effects of man-made pollution, it can’t hurt to make a move to reduce our role in the global warming equation.

The question is always, what can one person do? That’s where government legislation comes in.

If new standards are set, say for all light bulbs to be of a certain type, no more of the regular incandescent bulbs, then stores can only sell florescent. That way millions of people have no other choice but to help out. I hate florescent bulbs, that cold white hospital/office lighting, but that’s where some innovative 5th generation kin from the Edison clan steps in and creates florescent bulbs with a little more personality.


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Soon to be our winters.. Yeah!
Jan 04 2007
4:15 pm

Ahhh.. “Feels Like Global Warming!”

Is it the beginning of January or a week before spring? This is the winter that will probably happen over a weekend, about an inch of snow on a Sunday that melts in time for rush hour traffic.

On the Weather Channel over the weekend they were talking about how warm it is from California to Maine. Everyone is experiencing temperatures way above average. To this point, Colorado is the only place that’s been hit by snow.

And that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. Tomorrow it should hit 60 in New York. Anyone who saw Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth has visions of polar ice caps steadily melting away. Funny thing is, not one person on the Weather Channel mentions global warming or the possibility of it.


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