Pakistan - Cyclone Yemyin - Man pushing car through flooded street
Jul 01 2007
8:47 pm

Pakistan Experiencing The Aftermath Of Their Own Hurricane Katrina

Since Hurricane Katrina (and the sequel Hurricane Rita) all has been quiet on the United States coastline. Outside of rain clouds stuck over Texas, there has really been the opposite problem of near drought situations in California, Georgia, and Florida. As odd as it may seem, we could use a lite hurricane, you know, minus the winds and destruction.

In South-East Asia the people experience yearly Monsoon rains that regularly displace and kill thousands. Last week Pakistan was hit by Cyclone Yemyin. Cyclones and Hurricanes are one in the same, though a weather geek might protest, because hurricanes spin clockwise and cyclones spin counter-clockwise. Big deal. Either way you’re gonna get wet.


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