Keri Hilson at the 3rd annual Ween awards
Nov 11 2011
2:03 pm

3rd Annual Ween Awards: Why Should We Celebrate Black Women?

Last night, WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) held their third annual awards at the Samsung Experience/Time Warner Center in New York. For the positive portrayal of black women in entertainment, the honorees for this year’s event were, Estelle, Keri Hilson, Tracy Mourning, Egypt Sherrod, Danyel Smith, and Jennifer Yu.

Is it important/necessary to have award shows for black women? Award shows like this one and say, Black Girls Rock? Essence Writer and Author, Demetria Lucas thinks so. On her A Belle in Brooklyn blog, she breaks it down like so:


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Lisa Price at Carol's Daughter Pop Up Store in New Orleans
Jul 06 2009
8:31 am

Carol’s Daughter Pops Up in New Orleans’ French Quarter

The Essence music festival was in New Orleans this weekend. On July 4th, a few folks headed over to the newest Carol’s Daughter Pop Up store on Conti street in the French Quarter. That’s Lisa Price up top. If you didn’t know, didn’t guess, she’s the founder of Carol’s Daughter. I had her autobiography “Success Never Smelled So Sweet” in my hands last week, but there are only so many words I can read per day: mentally bookmarked it for a later date.


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Keri Hilson on the Energy video set
Jul 14 2008
8:08 pm

Keri Hilson “Energy” Video!

Keri Hilson is on track to release her debut album In A Perfect World on September 23. “Energy” is the first single and video. Based on the lyrics, a boxing ring is an odd setting for the song. But thank God Keri’s not banging around an empty apartment with raindrops bouncing off the window << the generic template.


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