The White Stripes
Jun 29 2007
4:03 pm

The White Stripes Icky Thumping Into My Hip-Hop Archive

Number one in the UK. Two on the U.S. Billboard charts.

You know how I know Hip-Hop has a foot in its nut sack? Because my ‘hip-hop’ album of the moment is The White Stripes “Icky Thump.” Yeah, while everyone is partying like rock stars, I’m listening to them. It should be noted I bought the album the same day I gave Rihanna a digit on soundscan, picking up her album despite having the ripped web copy; also gave Chrisette Michele’s album some much deserved love; and then there was The White Stripes album, I had to have it.

I remember a few years back when they performed on the MTV Awards, looking at them with a blank stare and the outsider’s response, like.. “OK, I guess that’s what the ‘dudes’ are feelin’.”


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