Karlie Redd in BAPS
Aug 01 2012
9:25 pm

Karlie Redd Was a Model in BAPS?

For some reason, I was watching B.A.P.S, — not watching, the TV was just on while I was doing something else and I turned to the screen and recognized a familiar face. Is that… Karlie Redd, from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta?


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Joseline Hernandez poses in a silver skirt and yellow blouse
Jul 31 2012
10:41 pm

Love and Hip-Hop ATL: The Reunion Before the Reunion Show

Last night as we were watching Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Joseline tweeted this picture of herself and mentioned that she was in New York. Turns out that Joseline was in New York for a mid-season Q&A session for online media folks. Mona Scott introduced and answered questions, to start it off, but then out came Joseline, Stevie J., K. Michelle, and Scrappy.
It felt like the reunion before the reunion show. And if Stevie J’s slip-up was right, technically, that’s what it was. He said VH1 is taping the reunion show today.


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Joseline Hernandez sitting down in white shades with Prettier Than Perez
Jul 10 2012
10:36 pm

Joseline Hernandez Interview: I’m 100% Puerto Rican & 100% Real

Last week, Joseline Hernandez sat down for an interview with Prettier Than Perez and talked about a range of topics: her haters, being a good person/liking to help people, having dreams and a high-flying goal to make a billion dollars. Yes, a billion.

She also talked about being the voice of the Hispanic/Latin community.

“Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Venezuelans, Mexicans, we don’t have a voice. I’m that voice, though and I got them.”


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Joseline Hernandez wearing a yellow and green dress and Cazals
Jul 10 2012
1:43 am

New Music: Joseline Hernandez “Bailar”

Over all the drama and shenanigans on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Joseline’s main concern is to turn her life around and bake bread in the music business — with the help of Stevie J. Other than the first episode, we haven’t heard any of this music or what exactly she would be doing. That changed yesterday, with the release of “Bailar” — Spanish for dance.


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Joseline Hernandez, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta
Jun 18 2012
10:07 pm

Joseline, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: “I Have Drama with Everybody”

One episode in and Joseline Hernandez is the star of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. The former stripper/Rihanna look-a-like’s incredulous in-your-face ‘management’ issues between her, Stevie J and his girlfriend, Mimi, has everyone talking. For me, it’s her indecipherable accent; a mix of Spanish, hood, southern yams and brash ignorance.

I know @MsJoseline, I’m not/you’re not ignorant, but Concreteloop got it right.


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Chris Brown crying, one finger in the air at the 2010 BET Awards
Jun 28 2010
3:31 pm

Chris Brown Crying at the BET Awards? I Say, Staged.. but Genuine

Last night’s BET Awards was one of the best shows they’ve put on in years. As far as talking points, at the top of the list is Chris Brown crying during “Man in the Mirror,” part of his Michael Jackson tribute performance. Was Chris Brown having a genuine moment? I believe it was genuine, but also planned. One could argue that the lyrics to “Man in the Mirror” were what sproughted his tears, but for me it was just too perfect of a snapshot. Chris Brown was banned from last year’s award show and has apologized for the incident with Rihanna, to no avail? The feeling that he can’t kick: Chris Brown is sorry; sorry that his career has been stuck on the corner of Shyt Street and Stain Avenue, ever since he five pieced her.


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Chris Brown perfroms in his Thriller jacket at 2006 World Music Awards
Jun 30 2009
12:29 pm

Chris Brown Cut from BET Awards by the Ultimate Hustlers

Like Usher, Chris Brown was also a no show at the BET Awards. Oh, he was ready to put on a fantastic Michael Jackson tribute, but at the last minute, Chris was axed from the show. Rumors have it that both Al Sharpton and Jay-Z weren’t happy with Chris Brown being part of the show. It’s said that Jay-Z told BET execs that he and Beyonce would not perform if Chris Brown was on the stage. And Al Sharpton made such a ruckus to BET executives that they gave in, telling Chris to.. beat it.


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Usher wearing a Cartier watch
Jun 30 2009
11:35 am

Usher Explains Absence from BET Awards: Plans MJ Tribute

On Friday, BET President Debra Lee announced that Usher and Justin Timberlake would be last minute additions to the BET Awards/Michael Jackson tribute. Obviously that didn’t happen. Justin Timberlake didn’t give an explanation, but Usher issued a statement explaining that he was overseas and couldn’t make it to the awards in time.


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Susan Boyle on Britian'sGot Talent
Apr 15 2009
1:25 pm

Susan Boyle Shakes the Earth on Britian’s Got Talent

Over the weekend, Simon Cowell and friends hosted Britian’s Got Talent. A sort of free-for-all American Idol: singers, dancers, comedians and any other talent having being can participate. So in walks Susan Boyle, nearly 48, currently unemployed, lives alone with her cat named Pebbles, and a singer who has always wanted to perform in front of a large audience.

On this show the auditions aren’t in some tiny room in city xyz. The contestants deliver for the first time in front of thousands of people. Susan Boyle looks like the classic first rounder: a complete disaster.


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Top Models at California audition
Mar 15 2009
11:38 pm

Top Models Go Wild in New York: The Shorty Edition!

Top Model’s 12th Cycle began on March 9. On Saturday, thousands of hopeful models lined up outside the Park Central Hotel in New York City to audition for the 13th Cycle. You can also call it the Shorty Edition: to qualify, models have to be 5’7 and under. That’s about the average female height, so the audition drew more than the normal amount of contestants.

Top Model audition. The line outside the Park Central hotel

Some girls slept outside the building in sleeping bags the night before. By morning, there were an estimated ten thousand women waiting.


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