Shaq and Shaunie during happier times
Nov 11 2009
7:42 pm

Shaq + Gilbert Arenas’s Fiance: Who is Laura Govan?

By now, it’s likely you’ve heard the ins and outs of this story. Twitter version: Shaq’s wife Shaunie is about to slice half. Let me fill some gaps. After separating in 2007, early this year, Shaq and Shaunie reconciled. Shaq looked happy. Shaunie seemed content. Late last week that glow of love was blown away when a leaked email exchange between Shaq and Gilbert Arenas’s fiance and mother of his three kids, Laura Govan, hit the internet.


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Gilbert Arenas in Manila, Philippines
Jul 24 2008
11:24 pm

Gilbert Arenas Speaks on Beyonce’s Philippine Star Power + Berlin’s Cab Swag

Gilbert Arenas is the NBA’s top blogger. In his latest post Agent Zero talks about his overseas trip this summer to promote NBA Europe Live and some Adidas spots. He went to five different cities, one of them was the site of today’s top story.. Berlin, Germany.


    What was funny about Berlin is
  • It’s a very clean city (that’s not the funny part, but it’s a very clean city)
  • The funny part is, their cabs were Beamers [and Benzes]. Mercedes Benz cabs in Berlin, Germany So, NBA players, if you driver a Beamer, your swag is questionable because if you go to Berlin, that’s just a cab.

Another city was Manila, Philippines where Arenas discovered how Beyonce gets treated.


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