Joe the Plumber
Nov 10 2008
2:42 pm

Joe the Plumber Gets a Taste of NY and Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club

Well, you know he’s just a working Joe.. or a working Samuel Wurzelbacher. There are so many names you give this guy, I like to call him John McCain’s last big mistake. This past weekend, Joe the Plumber left his tool belt in Ohio and flew to New York to make a guest appearance on Mike Hucakbee’s FOX news show. Since he was in the big city, on Saturday, Joe decided to visit Jay-Z’s 40/40 club.


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Ashley Todd - black eye and scratched in B
Oct 24 2008
7:58 pm

McCain Campaign Worker, Ashley Todd Admits: B stands for B*llsh-t

Yesterday afternoon, The Drudge Report was the first to blast the headline.. woman mugged, B carved in her face.. story developing. That woman turned out to be 20-year-old Ashley Todd.
Ashley’s story was that she was searching for an ATM in Bloomfield, Pennsylvania. Success! She hopped out of her car, only to be mugged by a 6’4 black man. As he turned to run away with her cash, said black man saw the John McCain sticker on her car and came after her a second time. I’m gonna.. “Teach you a lesson for being a McCain supporter.” *scratch, scribble, black eye*.. oh, the tragedy.

When Ashley Todd’s picture popped on TV this morning, I could barely contain the laughter. Who in their right mind would believe this story? First of all.. the B is backwards and that black eye is nothing but a bad mascara job, and hours after the attack, not a hint of swelling?


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Sarah Silverman schleping for Barack Obama
Oct 20 2008
5:43 pm

Sarah Silverman Schleping for Barack Obama: the Jewish Vote

Barack Obama raised an incredible $150 million for his campaign in September. That’s a whole lot of $20 and $50 contributions. And even more evidence that ‘change’ isn’t just a slogan, folks really believe if it’s going to happen, Barack Obama needs to get cozy in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years. This week Barack Obama will be in Florida for two days to court those all important swing voters. Early voting started this morning and tends to account for 15% of the final result in states that do so. Obama can’t have anyone walk up to a voting booth with half-baked impressions.


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Lillie McCain
Oct 17 2008
3:05 pm

Lillie McCain: John McCain’s Black Half of the “Family”

In between jabs in last night’s roast, John McCain took a minute to acknowledge Barack Obama’s historic run for president. We are watching those soon to be ruffled pages being written as we speak, but the racism that would have prevented Barack Obama from even thinking of becoming president isn’t that far gone. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the social map really started to change. Ironically, John McCain is tied tighter to the historical implications than I was aware of. John McCain’s great-great grandfather owned a cotton plantation with 120 slaves. The woman in the picture is Lillie McCain, a descendant of Isom McCain, who was forced to take on the McCain name and work on the grounds.

In the Wall Street Journal’s “Two Families Named McCain”, Don Blackmon writes.. “The case of the McCains offers another quintessential American narrative in black and white. For the black McCain family, it is a story of triumph over the legacy of slavery; for the white McCains, it is the evolution of a 19th-century cotton dynasty into one rooted in an ethic of military and national service.”


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Barack Obama speaks at Alfred E. Smith Dinner
Oct 17 2008
11:16 am

Alfred E. Smith Dinner: Barack Obama and John McCain Roast Em’ Up

Last night cable news shows interrupted their scheduled programming to show live footage of Barack Obama and John McCain hurling jokes at each other. It was a roast em’ up at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner in New York. It was like something out of the Twilight Zone. One day they’re smashing each other, the next it’s joke time with the buddies. Why wasn’t this publicized more ahead of time? An Obama/McCain Roast would have gotten more attention than that last debate.

They both killed. The best comedy comes from truth. No wonder John Mccain hit with the Bill Clinton sure is pushing hard for.. me stuff. Here’s the Obama side of the roast..


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Barack Obama and John McCain Halloween display
Oct 15 2008
5:57 pm

Halloween Display Shows Barack Obama Running from John McCain in his Midnight White

Heading into tonight’s debate, Barack Obama is ahead on just about everyone’s scorecard. It’s not just the economy that’s hurting John McCain, it’s the attacks on Barack’s character and supposed nefarious associations.

One poll asking which candidate was running a negative campaign saw John McCain get a heavy 62% affirmation. To voice his displeasure with the McCain campaign, Richie Havens, in Odessa, New York, set up a Halloween display in his front yard showing Barack Obama running from John McCain in a Klan robe. Of course, some people are questioning his motives.


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Barack Obama on Keating Economics
Oct 06 2008
3:32 pm

Barack Obama Smacks John McCain with “Keating Economics”

Over the weekend John McCain’s campaign put Sarah Palin on pitbull duty - or should I say swift boat duty? In a stop in California, Sarah Palin dragged out Barack Obama’s loose association with 60’s radical/Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers. The group labeled as domestic terrorists, organized a riot in Chicago in 1969 and bombed government buildings in the 70’s. Ayers took to the ‘underground’ when the FBI came for him.


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John McCain and Barack Obama in first debate
Sep 27 2008
1:54 am

The Debate Round 1: John McCain Wins on Toughness. Barack Obama on Substance

What did we learn in this first debate? That Barack Obama has gotten better since the primary. It must be acknowledged, there was no winner: John McCain was tough and kept his comments on the offensive; Barack Obama was left to explaining his positions.
This was primarily the foreign policy debate, supposedly a Barack Obama weakness, but he showed that he is well versed and capable on the issues.

The one question I wanted asked during the Iraq segment was: What is the definition of success in Iraq? John McCain constantly talking about staying until the war is won. When does that happen. What is the “strategy or tactic” to get to that nirvana?


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John McCain and Barack Obama 'Chucky' dolls
Sep 24 2008
7:43 pm

John McCain Loses His Head [Again]: Suspends Campaign. Wants Debate Delay

Ready for Friday’s presidential debate? It’s only going to happen if there is a Chucky doll of John McCain on the other side of the stage. This morning Barack Obama called John McCain to suggest they prepare a joint statement about the financial crisis. John McCain agreed and added that he was thinking about suspending his campaign. Nothing concrete. Just a thought.

This afternoon John McCain held a press conference to say he was suspending his campaign, stopping all TV ads, and wants to postpone Friday’s debate. This he said, would allow he and Barack Obama to go to Washington to make sure all goes well with the bailout package.


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Sarah Palin smiling in Alaska
Aug 29 2008
2:36 pm

John McCain Selects Sarah Palin as his VP: Fishing for Hillary Votes

John McCain selected Alaska’s governor Sarah Palin as his running mate today. A truly dumbfounding choice when you consider the Vice President is the person who in case something happens to John McCain, will be the President of the United States. Faced with that decision John McCain pushed aside Mitt Romney, who could have helped him win Michigan; or Tom Ridge, and he chooses.. Sarah Palin.


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