D'Angelo in the Voodoo age
Aug 01 2008
4:33 pm

D’Angelo is Back: Being a Sex Symbol Wrecked his Life

Have you ever wondered what caused D’Angelo’s shocking weight gain and drinking/drug problems that drip into the news every now and then?

In this month’s digital Spin magazine, D’Angelo’s former manager and associates give the goods: he was angry and depressed that women were drooling over his body, and not his music.

Dominique Trenier, was D’Angelo’s manager. After Brown Sugar he wanted to reshape D’Angelo’s image to better cater to a female audience. Just like female singers are encouraged to show more skin and slip into skimpy outfits to skyrocket their popularity, Trenier convinced D’Angelo to get in shape and lose the shirt. It works >> think 50.


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