Bow Wow on the beach
Jan 18 2009
9:22 pm

Bow Wow Reviews Notorious + Palm Trees and Whip Appeal

Is Bow Wow reviewing movies now? When that movie is about one of the top five rappers to grab a mic, he is. I was poking around for reviews of the gotta-be-terrible Mall Cop, when I stumbled on a clip of Bow Wow giving Notorious the Ebert. Bow Wow’s take: it’s a must-see for anyone that calls themselves a rapper or just loves hip-hop. He also goes into how terrible hip-hop is compared to that time in music. I like how artists criticize, without naming names, or pretend like they don’t have an album not much different from the mess that’s on the radio. But I respect Prince Bow Wow for that honesty and for giving respect where due.


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Bow Wow at the Jet Mirage nightclub
Aug 02 2008
2:43 am

Bow Wow Talks About his Entourage Sex Scene: “I Stun Myself, I Can’t Even Front”

If you don’t watch HBO’s Entourage, you’re about 4 seasons late.
It’s the best show about Hollywood life that exists. It zooms in to the high flying life of an actor on the come-up and his older brother and neighborhood friends - his entourage.

HBO's Entourage icon

This season Bow Wow joins the cast as a comedian named Charlie, where he will put his newly cocky self on full display. Hmm.. maybe I shouldn’t put it that way.


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