Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson - Soul Men
Nov 07 2008
11:59 am

Soul Men → Bernie Mac Gets the Velveteen Rub

This weekend Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson’s Soul Men will be in theaters. This was Bernie Mac’s last movie. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen any red carpet pictures from a Soul Men premiere. Samuel Jackson hasn’t been on the talk show circuit either. That means one of two things: the movie is terrible or the election drowned it out. If it was the election, why release it on Barack week? Bah, marketing idiots.

Here’s a ‘Red Band’ scene called The Veleveteen Rub.


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Bernie Mac funeral - view from the seats
Aug 17 2008
6:10 pm

Bernie Mac’s Funeral: “The Hottest Ticket in Town”

Nearly seven thousand people showed up yesterday to give respects to Bernie Mac at his funeral service at House of Hope Church in Chicago, IL. People start arriving around 7:45 a.m; the ceremony started at noon and ended shortly before 4pm. Among the celebrity faces in attendance were Don Cheadle, Chris Rock, Salli Richardson, Samuel Jackson,..

Bernie Mac funeral - Bruce Bruce shaking hands

comedians George Wallace and Bruce Bruce, radio host Tom Joyner,..


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Bernie Mac - funeral to be protested
Aug 15 2008
8:42 pm

Bernie Mac’s Funeral to be Protested by Crack Pot Church

Tomorrow morning, members of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket Bernie Mac’s funeral. In a press release they say Bernie Mac spoke the word of sin and fornication…

Bernie, you had all those 50 years to serve God in spirit and in truth. You know your life was hard, and you claimed to believe that God had blessed you. Which He DID. Then you turned and served false Gods (sex, drugs, man and money), Bernie. You served them with both your hands. You denied the God who kept you safe for all those many years.. “


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Soul Men - Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, and Samuel Jackson
Aug 11 2008
8:42 pm

Bernie Mac’s Last Interview (Video) + Samuel Jackson Talk Soul Men

As I heard the news about Isaac Hayes’s passing on Sunday, a day after Bernie Mac’s death, that rule of the three came to mind. Who would join the dynamic duo in an untimely death? At first I thought it was Lil Wayne’s daughter; that turned out to be a bad internet joke. Turned on the radio, a caller said Samuel Jackson joined the soul men. Do you know what kind of freaky shit that would have been?

Thankfully that turned out to be a case of half-ear-to-the-radioitis. The caller mentioned Samuel Jackson because he’s in a movie with Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes called Soul Men, it premieres this November; a movie that’s now a first week must-see.


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Bernie Mac
Aug 09 2008
1:47 pm

Rest in Peace, Bernie Mac!

Bernie Mac passed away this morning due to complications from pneumonia. So much for his publicist’s reassuring words ..
‘Oh, he’s getting better’ and yesterday’s update about him being released from the hospital in a couple of weeks. Publicist = paid to bullshit. Seems to me that you let people know the truth and give those that can a chance to get in that last kind word.

Maybe it’s how he wanted it handled. Some people don’t want anyone to see or know that they are sick.


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