Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson - Soul Men
Nov 07 2008
11:59 am

Soul Men → Bernie Mac Gets the Velveteen Rub

This weekend Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson’s Soul Men will be in theaters. This was Bernie Mac’s last movie. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen any red carpet pictures from a Soul Men premiere. Samuel Jackson hasn’t been on the talk show circuit either. That means one of two things: the movie is terrible or the election drowned it out. If it was the election, why release it on Barack week? Bah, marketing idiots.

Here’s a ‘Red Band’ scene called The Veleveteen Rub.


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Soul Men - Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, and Samuel Jackson
Aug 11 2008
8:42 pm

Bernie Mac’s Last Interview (Video) + Samuel Jackson Talk Soul Men

As I heard the news about Isaac Hayes’s passing on Sunday, a day after Bernie Mac’s death, that rule of the three came to mind. Who would join the dynamic duo in an untimely death? At first I thought it was Lil Wayne’s daughter; that turned out to be a bad internet joke. Turned on the radio, a caller said Samuel Jackson joined the soul men. Do you know what kind of freaky shit that would have been?

Thankfully that turned out to be a case of half-ear-to-the-radioitis. The caller mentioned Samuel Jackson because he’s in a movie with Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes called Soul Men, it premieres this November; a movie that’s now a first week must-see.


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