Sarah Palin's Jay Leno chin
Jul 03 2009
5:58 pm

Sarah Palin Retires as Governor of Alaska: I’m Not Politics As Usual

This afternoon, Sarah Palin announced that she will retire as the Governor of Alaska at the end of July. The current Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will officially take over at Alaska’s Governor’s Picnic on July 26. During the press conference in front of her home in Wasilla, Sarah Palin said since she wasn’t running for re-election she had no interest in ‘lame duck’ politics and would find another way to make positive changes for the people of Alaska.


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Sarah Palin interviewed at turkey house in Wasilla
Nov 21 2008
3:56 pm

Sarah Palin Pardons a Thanksgiving Turkey at Saw House (Video)!

Yesterday, Sarah Palin was interviewed at a turkey farm in Wasilla, Alaska. She was there to spare the life of a single turkey: the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardon. Holding a hot cup of Starbucks’ finest caffeinated beverage, Sarah Palin said she enjoyed talking to and meeting people on the campaign trail and expressed her ideas for where the country should be headed and what she plans to do as Governor of Alaska. Yup, Sarah’s still in the house.

She seems completely unaware that she’s been played for a fool again. The guy in the back is standing in front of a bloody table and dumping a turkey into some kind of horrifying Saw house grinder. He’s looking right at the camera, laughing on the inside, ‘Can you see me?..’


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Sarah Palin on a Harley
Nov 06 2008
6:24 pm

Sarah Palin Thought Africa Was a Country → Are You Qualified to be VP?

Look who wants to be fair and balanced now. Under the banner of, now that the election is over, FOX News is hinting that Sarah Palin wasn’t really qualified for that VP spot after all. For instance.. Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country. You know, like New York City is a state. That’s a joke.


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Sarah Palin and a dancing Moose on SNL
Oct 19 2008
8:18 am

Sarah Palin Rap on SNL: Gets Moose’d to the Face

Sarah Palin made her appearance on SNL last night, she was in the intro sketch. Sarah Palin stood outside of ‘Tina Palin’s’ press conference, while Alec Baldwin and a few others approached her, thinking she was Tina. Sarah Palin and Tina Fey never had that big moment. They crossed paths, no eye contact..


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Sarah Palin interviewed by Katie Couric
Sep 25 2008
9:39 pm

Sarah Palin The Katie Couric Interview: She Really Believes That Alaska Thing

Today Katie Couric’s Sarah Palin interview was broadcast. Sarah Palin has been tucked away from the press for a good reason - she comes across as completely clueless on just about everything. She dances around in generalities and pushes her opinions to “John McCain believes..” so often, it’s not a question of, if she can step in and be President, it’s how did she ever become a governor in the first place?

Be honest, you really didn’t think Sarah Palin came up with that crack about Alaska being a rock step away from Russia, therefore she has foreign policy experience. It had to be a joke.


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Tina Fey strikes a hunter's pose as Sarah Palin on SNL
Sep 14 2008
6:12 pm

Tina Fey Takes on Sarah Palin on SNL: Vote Now, Cry Later

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler opened yesterday’s SNL with pitch perfect impressions of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Anyone not famialir with who Tina Fey is would be excused for thinking Sarah Palin was actually making a guest appearance. Tina Fey looks exactly like her and she had all of Sarah Palin’s quirks and hockey mom-itude on point.


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Barack Obama on David Letterman
Sep 11 2008
6:16 pm

Barack Obama Tackles “Lipstick on a Pig” on David Letterman

Yesterday, Barack Obama was on The Late Show with David Letterman. He was in New York for the 9/11 memorial. What a perfect time to visit Dave and (among other things) tackle that lipstick on a pig dust up. If you haven’t been paying attention, in a recent campaign speech Barack Obama said..


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Barack Obama Sign in a supporters front yard
Sep 04 2008
2:29 pm

Sarah Palin Inspired Me to Switch Teams

It’s not an Obama/Biden ‘08 sign but it works..

Eight months ago, I was a registered Republican, standing in a cold room in Iowa supporting Ron Paul in the Iowa caucuses. For most of my life, I’ve been a believer in small government and individual liberties, the ideals that, according to what I learned in high school civics, the Republican Party stood for. I voted Libertarian in 2004, simply because I felt that the Libertarian candidate seemed to best voice those ideals at the time.


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McCain/Palin sign at Republican National Convention
Sep 04 2008
1:16 pm

Take that Obama! >> Sarah Palin Brings the Pain

Everyone is raving about Sarah Palin’s speech this morning, let them have their moment. This is the Republican’s time to show the country what they’re made of. If the majority of Americans found in that speech the kind of direction and leadership they want to embrace for the next four years, they will get exactly what they vote for.

What John McCain found in Sarah Palin is someone to be the ‘celebrity’ that can match the Barack Obama show. Someone that can actually speak for John McCain, because truthfully anything he says is ignored or forgotten five minutes later.


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Sarah Palin meets Alaskan National Guard Troops in Kuwait
Sep 03 2008
12:32 pm

Sarah Palin’s Church Video: Vote for her it’s God’s Plan, Man!

Tonight Sarah Palin will speak at the RNC convention; she has emerged as the only reason anyone is paying attention to what’s being said on the elephant side of the room. What to expect from her in tonight’s speech?

Three months ago Sarah Palin addressed the graduating class of students at her church, the Wassila Assembly of God. In the video she makes some interesting comments about our soldiers in Iraq.. ” our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God.” She also mentions an Alaskan oil pipeline that with God’s help she says will come to fruition - and asks the congregation to pray to push it along that path.


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