Jada Pinkett-Smith under an umbrella at Israel premiere of Madagascar Escape 2 Africa
Nov 24 2008
7:47 pm

Jada Pinkett’s Umbrella Style: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Premieres in Israel

When it rains.. Jada Pinkett-Smith grabs an umbrella. The stars of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa are on an overseas promotional tour. Hitting and running one premiere event to the next. Over the weekend, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett-Smith were snapped in Israel.

Should I count Alex too? ..


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Chris Rock and family at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere
Oct 27 2008
5:15 pm

It’s Kid’s Day @ Madagascar 2 Premiere: Chris Rock + Smith’s Come Out

Westwood, California was lit by smiling faces yesterday as the stars of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa came out for an afternoon premiere. Being a cartoon flick meant the kids were invited to the party. Chris and the Rockettes posed for a family photo..

Chris Rock and family with Fergie at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

how Fergie squeezed in there is anyone’s guess.


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Chris Rock outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre
Sep 23 2008
3:16 pm

Chris Rock to Bill Clinton: Somebody Tell Him, Hillary Lost!

Last night Chris Rock and Bill Clinton were guests on The Late Show with David Letterman. That’s some kind of lineup, you might think Chris Rock would be the warm up act, but Bill Clinton was the first guest. In conversation about the election, Bill Clinton couldn’t bring himself to say much about Barack Obama - his party’s nominee. Like an appearance on The View, earlier in the day, Bill Clinton said Barack Obama and John McCain should be proud to enter the White House and he respected them both.


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Cocaine energy drink
Oct 03 2006
3:48 pm

What Would Pookie Do? Cocaine Drink Causing Controversy

That’s not a Photoshopped can Rupert, of The David Letterman Show fame, is holding. It’s the actual name of a new energy drink that’s causing a bit of a ruckus in New York City.

Launched in Las Vegas and now available in Los Angeles, San Diego and in a handful of stores in New York, Cocaine is promoted as “the legal alternative” to the real snow white. Stirred up in the basement of the Redux beverage factories, the makers say they have the perfect competitor for Red Bull. Their witches brew is made with 280 mgs of caffeine, three times the amount of Red Bull’s 80 mgs. It’s said to have a fruity taste, and within 5 minutes, hits you with a shot of dextrose sugar energy and then 2-3 hours of caffeinated high flying.

There is also a reported secret ingredient to emulate the numbing effect of real cocaine.


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