Kid Cudi - the Mack truck shot
Nov 21 2008
7:36 pm

Kid Cudi ‘Day N Nite’ Live in the UK

With the election theatrics over, I can finally take time to listen to the music some of these new faces in hip-hop are putting out. Kid Cudi is a name thrown around by a cousin of mine. Cudi is the latest signee to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. music situation. His album “Man on the Moon” is due sometime in 2009, but he’s got a song from his summer 08’ mixtape A Kid Named Cudi, called “Day N Nite” that has legit single buzz.

Dude is on tour at the moment. Spotted in the UK by Herfection, you can hear the screams, but push the slider to 4:38 and check how the crowd loves him.


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