Cookin with Coolio - Deep Fried Turkey
Nov 26 2008
1:54 pm

Cookin with Coolio: Deep-Fried Turkey

Thanksgiving Day is upon us, I don’t know about you but I’m waiting for the powers that be to cut out the grateful thing and officially rename it Turkey Day. Be honest, if you’re not in elementary school the whole pilgrims and indians thing is practically meaningless. I guess there is something to be grateful for though, if you’re a turkey lover there really is no such thing as a bad piece of that bird. Even if the chef of the house dried the thing up, as long there’s a pot of gravy on the stove, you dip and ask that obvious.. “Who ate all the stuffing?”

You know, there’s still time to make this holiday meaningful. Push moms/grandma to the side and tell her to relax. You got the turkey this year and Coolio’s gonna help you with the recipe.


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