Nov 26 2008
2:38 pm

Waahli aka Wyzah “Sundance” Video (!)

Don’t be fooled by this guy’s rasta exterior, he’s got one of the swaggiest rap flows I’ve heard in a minute. His name?.. Waahli aka Wyzah. I’ll let him do the meet and greet..

“I was born and raised in Montreal, so that makes me a montrealien. From haitian descent my parents are from the hill top of fort-Jacques in Haiti, for having been plagued with political unrest for most of its history now Haiti is one the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Still I am a proud representative of the first Black Republic, this means a lot to me because it gives me strength and wisdom through my spiritual mystical journey. Aware that the struggle goes on, for men, women and children in Haiti. The struggle is omnipresent in Montreal, surely manifesting itself differently, it is more stereotypically oriented bringing constant dualities, hiding the face of true identity.”


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