Mae Day cheek view in Give it All video
Oct 03 2009
6:03 pm

Mae Day “Give it All” Video (!) + The Big Smack

Attention all Hip-Hop moguls and top level music company executives! Whenever people complain about the lack of better quality music, you have to do the unimaginable - go to work. Dig in the trenches and find a jewel that fills the real need for fresh faces, new stories, and divergent perspectives needed to keep this thing of ours alive.

I realize you were co-opted by the machine a long time ago and corporate needs and the distractions that a luxurious life provides (and the need to maintain that on a personal level) dominates the creative/unfamiliar stretching that would otherwise give life to the music. But like plaque silently building up in the arteries of a person that looks healthy enough, one day you’ll turn around and it’ll be flat on its face. Guess it’s too late for those jumping jacks.


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Mae Day
May 12 2009
11:38 pm

Mae Day “Cherish the Day” ☼ The Mae/Sade Experience ☼

This morning, I hit the subway, Ipod tight on the tympanic, ready to put some new music on background duty while I finished the final pages of “Confessions of a Subprime Lender”. The album of choice? Mae Day’s Cherish the Day. It’s actually a mixtape, a collection of sliced and diced, classic Sade tracks, for Mae Day, a rapper out of Detroit, to make her own. It starts off slow, nearly two minutes without a lyric spoken, but by track three I literally stumbled mid-paragraph.. she’s killing it.


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