Whitney Houston on Good Morning America, Central Park performance
Sep 02 2009
1:45 pm

Whitney Houston on Good Morning America: Video (!)

On Monday, Whitney Houston performed for Good Morning America in Central Park. I woke up this morning to stories shouting their critiques of the performance “Whitney Houston’s voice cracks” (No pun intended.) Watching the video it’s clear her voice is not in the best shape. Not sure if it will ever be. Whitney Houston offered an apology to disappointed fans, explaining that her throat was sore after chatting it up with Oprah in a taped interview the day before the Good Morning America performance. That must be some kind of interview: big laughs, shouting and snortin, ‘girllll,’ hallelujah!


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Whitney Houston at I Look to You listening event
Jul 22 2009
12:15 pm

Whitney Houston Debuts I Look To You.. “Love Me Like I Never Left”

Last night, there was sort of a big deal going on at the Lincoln Center. After years of speculation, rumors, and unfinished leaked songs, Whitney Houston, Clive Davis and her fam were on hand to debut her new album I Look To You, due September 1. The album took three years of tweaking, Clive Davis explained it from an artist’s point of view, “You have to wait for great songs to show up.”

Those lucky enough to have heard the album say it will prove beyond a doubt that Whitney Houston is back.


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