Drake interviewed on MTV Raw
Aug 20 2009
1:15 pm

Drake: I Can’t Rap about Cash $$$ and Taking Women Shopping

With all the buzz surrounding Drake and his brilliant mic skills, I have never posted anything about him. Maybe it’s because I heard some of his early music. While impressive, I also caught a few light references to drugs and guns, and instantly slotted him in the young rappers talking about crap they know nothing about and have never done file. In other words: rapping for dollars. In true words: the biggest life sucking force of artistry.

So it’s a real good look to see Drake cutting through the easy, cheesy route, and, going forward, choosing to rap about what’s true to his life.
Drake revealed this in a recent interview with MTV Raw. In this clip he talks about his lyrical evolution, capping it with an example of how he will never have a woman just throw it in the bag.


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