Jun 24 2008
7:16 pm

Ice-T Apologizes to Soulja Boy, But You’re Still Garbage..

I thought it was odd that Ice-T hadn’t responded to Soulja Boy. If for no other reason than, here was a young kid clowning an O.G. of the game. Well Ice-T did respond. First he apologized for telling him to eat kielbasa, but backtracked to make it clear.. you’re still garbage!

“I apologize Soulja Boy for telling you to eat a d*ck. That was just in anger. Because truthfully, a brother of my caliber shouldn’t be talking down on a youngster of your age.
But as far as your music goes.. it’s garbage! There are kids that go in the studio and really try to rap. That really sit down and write stuff. I’m talking about you are garbage! We got to get rid of that, man. Hip-hop has to last and it aint gonna last with you doing that Supaman bullshit”


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Ice T and Coco
Nov 01 2006
2:42 pm

Ice-T Defends Album Cover: “It’s Not Pornography, It’s Sexy”

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the cover of Ice-T’s new album. “Gangsta Rap.” If anyone’s actually heard it.. now that’s the one in a million question. The album was in stores yesterday, pretty sure you won’t find it in Walmart with the ‘big controversy.’ In a last minute MSNBC interview Ice-T spoke on his critics’ blurry vision.. “It’s not pornography, it’s sexy. It’s part John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It was art when they did it and its where everybody wants to be—laid up in bed.”

Thank God He didn’t copy them pose for pose. No one wants to see Ice-T in this freakish pose.


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