Tracy McGrady talking with Darfur refugees in 3 Points
Sep 06 2009
12:21 pm

Tracy McGrady Visits Darfur Refugee Camp: 3 Points

When the NBA season begins there will be a lot of new faces in 28 spaces. One we haven’t seen on a regular basis is the Houston Rocket’s shooting guard Tracy McGrady. Tracy is engaged in a furious rehabilitation program to prove to his critics and fans that he can and will put up 30 points a night when he returns. With that kind of prediction someone might need to print up a third Superman t-shirt; although it might not be necessary. Tracy McGrady has a super cause of his own. This season he changed his number from 1 to 3 to bring attention to refugees in Darfur; he met them on a trip to the region and a one hour film called 3 Points was released on September 1st to share his experience.

Over the years, I’ve been writing off and on about Darfur, 3 Points really hits home on a deep level, as it’s filmed from a perspective that must of would have. We see Tracy McGrady not sure about what to expect, nervous about the food, wondering about security, and desperate for bug repellent. When he finally gets to the camp and meets the refugees, McGrady immediately thinks a soccer field or a swimming pool is what they need. He finds their needs are much richer.


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