Dame Dash and The Black Keys working on Blakroc
Sep 15 2009
11:52 pm

Dame Dash and The Black Keys Team Up for Blakroc

While Jay-Z’s star shines brighter and wider year after year, deep within my soul - when BP3’s on pause - I see this and wonder, “Where and what’s up with Dame Dash?” Occasionally you’ll see him on a random YouTube video that bubbles to the top of your playlist. I’ll say it, those things are hard to watch. There’s the guy that used to brag about poppin tags daily, never wearing the same pair of sneakers twice, reduced to keeping it basic - “white tee for me.” Hey, they do come 3 to a $7.99 pack. Easy to keep fresh.
I joke, but it’s not funny. This is the man who served his opinions with big scoops of confidence and bravado, at ear deafening levels, mostly fighting for his crew. No matter what the problems were between Dame Dash and Jay-Z over the years, there is no doubt he lived and breathed Roc-A-Fella.

So he gets kicked off Fantasy island. Is the black list so thick he can’t make any moves?


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Dame Dash shouts it out
Jul 09 2009
10:30 pm

Dame Dash Speaks on Jay-Z/Chris Brown: School Him, Don’t Screw Him

The second biggest fallout from the BET awards (the first being BET’s off-key MJ tribute,) was Chris Brown being pushed out of the night’s events by Jay-Z. You know the story - “Chris Brown Cut from BET Awards by the Ultimate Hustlers.” Even though it was one night, Chris Brown’s performance had the potential to wave off some of the negative vibes surrounding him since he used Rihanna’s head like a pinata.

Dame Dash, who found out the hard way about Jay-Z’s hustle game, was asked what he thought about Chris Brown getting chopped: “He’s 17 20”


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