Gary Coleman sporting a black leather jacket and sunglasses
May 28 2010
11:09 pm

Gary Coleman Passes Away: “What’choo talkin’ bout, Willis?”

Talk about one minute you’re here, the next you’re gone. It was just a few hours ago that I was checking on Gary Coleman’s health status. After falling and hitting his head, he was suffering from a brain hemorrhage and was put on life support. I optimistically believed he’d pull through. What a shock to find his spirit decided it had enough and made the trip to Heaven’s Gates. Gary Coleman was 42 years old.

Gary Coleman was beloved on Diff’rent Strokes; correction, Gary Coleman was Diff’rent Strokes. His character, Arnold, with those pudgy cheeks, the lovable smile, who knew what the story lines were about, every episode you’d wait for it.. wait for it..

“What’choo talkin’ bout, Willis?”


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