Paris Hilton strikes a cell pose
Feb 17 2009
2:20 pm

Paris Hilton Set Off the Chris Brown and Rihanna Fight?

I haven’t posted a thing about the Chris Brown and Rihanna fight. Just didn’t have the time to post and when I did there was nothing to add to what was already out there. Figured I’d wait until the gruesome police photos of Rihanna’s black and blues and missing front teeth surfaced. That’s a joke. I guess I should add, if we’re taking sides, I’m in Rihanna’s camp. If for no other reason than getting to the point where you have to thump a chick, 95% of the time is a problem the guy can prevent by ending the relationship. The other 5% is reserved for those women that pull blades like Keke Wyatt or think they’ve got the skills of Laila Ali. But arguments should never get to a 12 round bout, just split.

One thing I hadn’t heard until today is the identity of the woman that texted Chris Brown, the text that allegedly set off the fight. According to this article it was Paris Hilton. .. “If it’s a coincidence it’s a big one that Hilton, who texted Brown and set off the fight that left Rihanna bruised and beaten, now has recommended the flack to save Brown’s neck.”


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Paris Hilton for President
Aug 06 2008
9:34 am

Paris Hilton for President. Rihanna is Her Running Mate

Paris Hilton jabbed John McCain in a Funny or Die clip posted yesterday, for implying that she’s a celebrity ditz in his attack ad on Barack Obama. Paris calls John McCain ‘that wrinkly white haired guy’, but let’s it be known, she’s not for the guy promising change either. Since she’s in the mix, Paris said.. she’s running for president.

And lays out her energy policy.


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paris hilton
May 07 2007
6:19 pm

Paris Hilton’s ‘Unfair’ Jail Sentence: Who Cares?

Paris Hilton spoke for the first time this morning about her 45-day jail sentence for driving with a suspended license - which violated her probation. How many times have celebrities and driving violations been mentioned here in the last two weeks? In any case, Paris Hilton broke her silence to a throng of giddy reporters.

“I told the truth [she didn’t know she couldn’t drive with a suspended license.] I feel that I was treated unfairly and that the sentence is both cruel and unwarranted. I don’t deserve this.”

Shake in her lawyers adjectives.. “uncalled for,” “inappropriate,” and “ludicrous.”


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