Holly Robinson with the Hennessy Privilege Award
Oct 29 2011
8:20 pm

Holly Robinson Peete Receives Hennessy Privilege Award

Last night at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Hennessy held a launch party for the Hennessy Privilege NyX Collectors edition bottle. As the name says, it’s a limited edition bottle designed to “evoke the imagination and conjure the endless possibilities when exploring the unknown or crafting the perfect night out.”

In addition to the bottle launch, Hennessy awarded Holly Robinson Peete with the Hennessy Privilege Award. In honor for those who have made extraordinary contributions to their communities.
Holly Robinson Peete champions Autism awareness, and has done so for a few years. See, “Shifting Focus: 8 Facts About Autism the Media Is Not Covering”


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Jay-Z and Lebron James at Lebron James Family Foundation cocktail party
Sep 12 2008
8:38 pm

Lebron James and Jay-Z Hold a Cocktail Party for the LJ Family Foundation

What is it Friday? I may be a little late on this, but any chance to post pictures of future black billionaires is worth the delay. On Wednesday, Lebron James held a cocktail party at the Ralph Lauren store in New York. It was an event for his charity The Lebron James Family Foundation. Whenever you get an invitation to a “cocktail party” you know there’s money in the room. wink

Republicans too..


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Vanessa and Angela Simmons debut new pastry sneakers
Aug 27 2008
2:42 pm

Vanessa and Angela Simmons Debut New Pastrys + The Rev Talks Gossip

Yesterday, Vanessa and Angela Simmons debuted their latest Pastry fashions at the Magic convention in Las Vegas. Last week Angela’s name surfaced in a Page Six rumor that had her breaking up with her skater boyfriend Terry Kennedy and being ‘all over’ Bow Wow at Vanessa’s 25th birthday party in Miami. Blog city got a hold of it, plus pictures, and it was goodbye reality TV, welcome to the wild world of the web.

Run recently spoke about his kids becoming the source of internet gossip..


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Angela Simmons - Center of Attention video
Jul 31 2008
2:49 pm

Angela Simmons “Center of Attention” (Video)!

A couple of weeks ago I said it was nice to see the Simmons girls not being all up in the music and videos, as you might expect them to considering their Pop’s iconic status in the game.

Out of left field, Angela Simmons pushed her brother Jo Jo aside and grabbed the mic to record “Center of Attention.” It’s tagged as a promotion song for their Pastry sneaker line; Angela leaves the door open for more in the intro.. “There is a first time for everything, but I’m not sure if this is my last.”

Take that to mean: if this gets a good response, get ready for the album.


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Angela Simmons in Los Angeles
Jun 30 2008
8:17 pm

Stylish > Steal Angela Simmons Style

Angela Simmons was spotted out and about over the weekend in L.A. Angela was looking very cute and casual in this look. Her style was a mixture of a little punk with a sprinkle of chic.

Angela Simmons in Los Angeles

I think her neon ballet flats are hot. The pop of color makes her look not so generic and boring. Below are some options for you to steal her style for less.


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Vanessa and Angela Simmons
May 09 2008
8:42 am

Vanessa and Angela Simmons Visit Harlem for some Pastry Signings

Vanessa and Angela Simmons were at a Harlem sneaker spot this week, scribbling their names on Pastry sneakers for a ‘thousand’ people. Strike that.. a thousand young ladies. It’s nice to see the Simmons sisters haven’t grabbed microphones, attempting to become the next hot female rappers or singers. That would be too predictable. Instead they’ve channeled Auntie Kimora’s inner Baby Phat and infused it with a new youthful energy.

Judging by the in-store crowd, I think that’s a fair assessment of a Pastry fan.


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