Dawn RIchard on 106 and Park
Jan 06 2012
12:15 pm

Dawn Richard Debuts “Save Me From You” on 106 and Park

Yesterday, Dawn Richard visited 106 and Park to debut “Save Me From You,” the first official single from her upcoming debut album GoldenHeart. The video compliments this heartfelt ballad nicely; Dawn explained the concept of the song, during her appearance on 106 & Park, “I was going through something really, really bad and instead of me trying to keep things private, I like to give my vulnerability, make it strong, and put it out there. And I feel like there’s a lot of people who pretend to be a hero, but they really are the villains in this story. From female to dude, ya’ll can relate to that. Whether it’s your best friend, your boss, or just the person standing next to you, and I wanted to tell that story. That the hero isn’t always what you think he is or she is.”


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Dawn Richard
Mar 08 2009
6:51 pm

Dawn Richard Speaks on Chris Brown and Rihanna + “If I Could”

Someone should stitch together all of the celebrity responses to the Chris Brown and Rihanna mess. Actually don’t know that it would be anything different than what we the people have been saying. I personally think they’ve both done permanent damage to their careers: Chris Brown post-fight photo and Rihanna post-reconciliation. There is another view that the situation has been blown up and people need to let them work it out beyond the blog posts, TV, radio and gossip magazine covers.

Dawn Richards holds that opinion. Speaking to MTV she said.. “I think they’re both great artists. It’s a shame and I think it’s their business and it sucks that it has to be out there. The media attention is like a microscope — everybody’s in your stuff. It’s their business and whatever they choose to do with it, I wish them luck. It’s not my business. I wish that everybody would back off and let them deal with it the way they deal with it. I can’t give advice.”


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Dawn Richards in a red, white and green sundress
Oct 17 2008
12:21 pm

Dawn Speaks on Possible Split from Danity Kane

So D. Woods and Audrey were kicked out of Danity Kane in the Making the Band 4 finale. I always thought Audrey would wander off on her own anyway. As much as Audrey is criticized for being ‘trash’, she was the only interesting personality in the group. D. Woods was the people’s favorite, for some unknown reason (can she sing?). The other two are placemats, and then there is Dawn. If nothing else, she’s cute. That could be enough to have Diddy try to make her the next star of the label.


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