Karlie Redd in BAPS
Aug 01 2012
9:25 pm

Karlie Redd Was a Model in BAPS?

For some reason, I was watching B.A.P.S, — not watching, the TV was just on while I was doing something else and I turned to the screen and recognized a familiar face. Is that… Karlie Redd, from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta?


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Joseline Hernandez poses in a silver skirt and yellow blouse
Jul 31 2012
10:41 pm

Love and Hip-Hop ATL: The Reunion Before the Reunion Show

Last night as we were watching Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Joseline tweeted this picture of herself and mentioned that she was in New York. Turns out that Joseline was in New York for a mid-season Q&A session for online media folks. Mona Scott introduced and answered questions, to start it off, but then out came Joseline, Stevie J., K. Michelle, and Scrappy.
It felt like the reunion before the reunion show. And if Stevie J’s slip-up was right, technically, that’s what it was. He said VH1 is taping the reunion show today.


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Joseline Hernandez sitting down in white shades with Prettier Than Perez
Jul 10 2012
10:36 pm

Joseline Hernandez Interview: I’m 100% Puerto Rican & 100% Real

Last week, Joseline Hernandez sat down for an interview with Prettier Than Perez and talked about a range of topics: her haters, being a good person/liking to help people, having dreams and a high-flying goal to make a billion dollars. Yes, a billion.

She also talked about being the voice of the Hispanic/Latin community.

“Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Venezuelans, Mexicans, we don’t have a voice. I’m that voice, though and I got them.”


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Joseline Hernandez wearing a yellow and green dress and Cazals
Jul 10 2012
1:43 am

New Music: Joseline Hernandez “Bailar”

Over all the drama and shenanigans on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Joseline’s main concern is to turn her life around and bake bread in the music business — with the help of Stevie J. Other than the first episode, we haven’t heard any of this music or what exactly she would be doing. That changed yesterday, with the release of “Bailar” — Spanish for dance.


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Joseline Hernandez, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta
Jun 18 2012
10:07 pm

Joseline, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: “I Have Drama with Everybody”

One episode in and Joseline Hernandez is the star of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. The former stripper/Rihanna look-a-like’s incredulous in-your-face ‘management’ issues between her, Stevie J and his girlfriend, Mimi, has everyone talking. For me, it’s her indecipherable accent; a mix of Spanish, hood, southern yams and brash ignorance.

I know @MsJoseline, I’m not/you’re not ignorant, but Concreteloop got it right.


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