Ryan Leslie Sets Fire to the NY Post
Dec 01 2012
5:20 pm

Ryan Leslie Responds to $1 million Verdict: Sets Fire to the NY Post

In 2010, Ryan Leslie lost a laptop which had unreleased music on it. As an artist, producer and songwriter it meant a lot of money and creations, swept away in the wind; so Ryan Leslie posted a video on YouTube offering $20,000 for the return of his laptop.

Nobody came forward, so he pumped the offer to $1 million. Surprise, someone said, “I’ll take that"and he got his laptop back. Ryan Leslie didn’t pay the reward though, he said he couldn’t recover the music from the hard drive.

The man, Armin Augstein took Ryan Leslie to court and on Thursday, Nov. 30 a jury returned the judgement: Ryan Leslie has to pay the $1 million that he said he would.


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