Hurricane Gustav swirls over Cuba
Aug 30 2008
12:39 pm

Hurricane Gustav: Get Out of Town or Float Around.. Alone

Much sooner than predicted Hurricane Gustav swirled into a category 3 storm this morning. The winds are at 125 mph. Having killed 78 people in the Caribbean and on target to impact Cuba today, Gustav’s next victim could be any place from New Orleans to Texas. By that time, with the warm Gulf of Mexico waters, it could be a category 4 or 5.

There are reports of early evacuations going on in New Orleans, but I remember this same scenario when Katrina was off the coast. It was a Sunday afternoon and Mayor Ray Nagin was talking about people needing to evacuate, but little in the way of real concern. Somewhat understandable, no one could have imagined the entire city being underwater. But this time there is no excuse.. If you’re in New Orleans, you should be reading this from a laptop in Kansas.

Get the f-k out of town!


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New Orleans - Hurricane Katrina
Aug 29 2007
4:01 pm

Quincy Jones and Usher Joining Forces For New Orleans Rebuilding Effort

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Thankfully since that crazy hurricane season, a total of zero have kissed the United States coastline. Yesterday it was announced that Quincy Jones and Usher are teaming up to promote ongoing rebuilding efforts in New Orleans.

Soon after Hurricane Katrina Usher launched Project Restart, which has already helped 700 families get new housing and given them assistance with keeping their lights on.

The specifics of the new project with Quincy Jones will be announced in the coming weeks.

Quincy Jones talked about the Usher connection and their goal for the project.


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