Amy Winehouse wax figure  - just the face
Jul 27 2008
3:59 pm

Amy Winehouse Offered $2 Million by Prince Azim to Perform at a Private Party

Look who’s getting some pocket change? Amy Winehouse is said to be taking a break from performing while she figures out whether she’s going to smoke herself into that wax figure (above) or maintain her health enough to move on with her career.
25-year-old Prince Azim is attempting to lure Amy Winehouse out of the house for at least one more performance; he’s offering her $2 milllion for a one-night only show at a private party this November.

Prince Azim and the crew


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Amy Winehouse rocks the beehive
Feb 06 2008
7:23 pm

Amy Winehouse Caught Smoking Crack? Gotta Love Those So-Called Friends

Amy Winehouse is back in the news today. Last month she entered a drub rehab program, but police have now questioned her about a video that allegedly shows her smoking some of that hot white rock. Screen caps from the video were printed in The Sun, the UK’s version of the National Enquirer, and video was posted on their site “Amy Winehouse on Crack”

The video was captured in January, a couple of hours before she went to a court hearing to support her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, for assault charges stemming from a bar fight.

You know what’s funny? She’s in the room with this friend, who filmed all of this, but the person thought it would be nice to serve it up to the tabloids for some pocket change. That’s a scum move.


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Amy Winehouse searching the nighttime streets for goodies
Jan 09 2008
7:41 pm

Flickerazzi - Amy Winehouse Gets a New Doo

Everyone’s second favorite train wreck (Britney’s got the top spot locked), Amy Winehouse dipped her hair in a bottle of bleach for a new head of goldie locks for this brand new year. I feel like I should say that’s a bit of comedy right there, the whole dipping thing. It would not be hard to believe she’d actually take care of dying her hair with Clorox.

I wonder if she recorded her album with a heroin habit or was it an after last track snack. It’s crazy thinking the voice on that album belongs to this visual.

blondie Amy Winehouse grabing tabloids and snacks


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Sharon jones and the Dap-Kings
Oct 03 2007
9:31 pm

Sharon Jones Says Amy Winehouse Jacked Her Sound

What does a former Rikers Island correction officer and Amy Winehouse have in common? If you have Sharon Jones tell it - a whole lot.

Sharon Jones says everything that’s defined Amy Winehouse’s new and fresh sound, she’s been part of for years.

“They jumped on us!” Ms. Jones exclaimed in a NY times interview.

For the past 10 years, Sharon Jones has been making music on the independent scene; music very familiar to the Waxpoetic types. Her name can even be found on 45’s - as in vinyl records, the tiny ones. Which is appropriate, because although the music was recorded in this decade, the songs sound as if they’re straight from the late 60’s.


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Amy Winehouse's In-Laws
Aug 28 2007
4:25 pm

Amy Winehouse’s Father In-Law Suggests A Quick Rehab: Don’t Buy Her Albums Til She Cleans Up

All is not well in the Winehouse family. After the very public fight and now undeniable drug use which has resulted in canceled concert dates by the pound, Amy’s father in-law, Giles Fielder-Civil is asking why the record company isn’t doing anything to help her get better.

In an interview on UK’s Radio 5 Live, Fielder-Civil said:

“Why don’t the record company do more?”

“We believe that the record company should be proactive in helping the couple get better. At the moment they seem to be hiding behind a label that the pair aren’t drug addicts, they’re exhausted or whatever.The pair have gone on holiday.

That isn’t helping them. It’s just getting them out of the way.

We urge the record company to do something.”

“It’s about time that their friends and their professional colleagues say to them ‘enough is enough’.”


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Amy Winehouse
Aug 24 2007
9:24 am

Amy Winehouse and Husband Take a Bloody Fight to the Streets of London

Talent aside Amy Winehouse has a nasty cocaine and heroin addiction.
After a fight that went from a hotel room to the streets of London, Amy took the blame, saying she got caught doing drugs with a hooker/call girl and just lost it.

She text’d an explanation to Perez Hilton..

“Blake is the best man in the world. We would never ever harm each other… I was cutting myself after he found me in our room about to do drugs with a call girl and rightly said I wasn’t good enough for him. I lost it and he saved my life.”


The story begins here.


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amy winehouse
Apr 03 2007
3:28 pm

Amy Winehouse and What’s Wrong With the Music Business

Anyone remotely familiar with basketball knows Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. The man who cashed in during the dotcom bubblicious days to the tune of billions hasn’t lost his love for the internet. On his website he pontificates on all things net and entertainment related.

This past Sunday he wrote about what the music business could do to pump up their sagging sales.

“If the music industry is going to rebound, rather than trying to find ways to sell more CDs, they have to either find a reason for people to start buying CD players again, and I cant think of a single reason why anyone would.. there has to be a technological advance that creates a new experience with music.”


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