Rick Ross
Jun 27 2008
8:58 pm

Rick Ross Bucks Foxy Brown Engagement: I’m Married to the Money

For the past couple of weeks rumors have floated that Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are a couple.
Not only have they hooked up, Foxy Brown is supposedly moving to Miami to be closer to “the boss.” The latest (and greatest) is that Rick Ross asked Foxy Brown to marry him and she accepted. Ross and Fox are on the cover of the new Hip-Hop Weekly with all the littered details.

MTV caught up with Rick Ross in L.A. and popped the question. He didn’t deny they were a couple, but he waved the engagement off, “Nah, nah, nah. The engagement is just speculation. I’m married to the money.”


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Foxy Brown released from jail
Apr 18 2008
4:48 pm

Foxy Brown Released from Rikers Island >> Video

As blurbed last week, Foxy Brown was released from Rikers Island this morning. At approximately 10:30 A.M a caravan of luxury cars made their way through Rikers Island’s gates . Reporters and fans began to gather outside, waiting to snap pictures and video to welcome her back to the free world. A half-hour later, there was still no sign of her.

Word was she left from another exit. The plan was to change her clothes in one of the cars and return to the scene. Diva like? Maybe, but there was also talk about this footage being used for her VH1 reality show << not finalized yet, but you can’t reshoot the leave from prison.

But it begs the question.. Wouldn’t reality be.. to walk out as is?


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Foxy Brown about to pop a bottle
Apr 11 2008
4:13 pm

Foxy Brown Free to ‘Beat’ the Streets Next Friday

By this time next Friday, Foxy Brown will have stepped outside the gates of the Rikers Island Correction Facility and taken a nice deep breath of ‘fresh’ air blowing off the Hudson East river. On April 18, her ordeal in lockdown will come to an end.

In anticipation of the date, Foxy’s relaxing and ready to reclaim her spot in the game. In a letter to a close friend, she said, “I’ve been away from the microphone and the Chanel too long! (lol) .. Just keep my name alive. You know no bitch is better than fox!

Although she’s served 8 months, her time in court isn’t done. A May 5 hearing at Kings County Criminal Court is set to follow up on the blackberry smacking that caused her probation and freedom to be snatched away. She also has a 2007 incident in Florida that she hasn’t answered to yet.

Remember that silly stuff? Spraying glue on salon workers.. flashback >> “Police said that Brown was sampling beauty products in a bathroom of the shop, when a store employee told her it was closing time. According to reports, Brown became irate and threw hair glue at the employee, a man named Hayssamn Ghoneim. Ghoneim called 911 during the fracas, when Brown allegedly spit on him.”


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Foxy Brown in her fabulous green eyeliner
Jan 16 2008
5:48 pm

Foxy Brown Writes Judge a Four Page Letter: Let Me Out of Here!

On September 7, 2007, Foxy Brown was sentenced to a one year term on Rikers Island. Today she hopes - four months later - that she can get an early release. Citing continued problems with her ear implant, which could permanently damage her hearing, Foxy Brown had her lawyer deliver a four page letter to New York State Supreme Court yesterday. The letter was an appeal for an early release, so she can get proper treatment.

Foxy Brown’s lawyer, Laura Dilimetin said, “The only doctor who has successfully treated Brown’s condition - and complications with the implant - is based in California. If her hearing is damaged any further, it will affect the way she hears and it will affect the way she sings. It will have dire consequences on her ability to maintain her profession and livelihood.”


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Foxy Brown
Sep 07 2007
10:18 pm

Foxy Brown Gets No More Chances: Sentenced To One Year In Jail

Anyone feeling sorry for Foxy Brown right now? This morning Foxy Brown was shuttled from Rikers Island’s all-female jail, where she’s been since August 22nd., and taken to Brooklyn Criminal Court for a probation hearing and face charges of assaulting her neighbor with a cellphone. She was found guilty in that incident.

Later in the day Foxy Brown faced the probation hearing and for all the rumored talk of her discomfort, came prepared to spend more time at Rikers. Her lawyer tried to exchange a misdemeanor guilty plea for a nine month jail sentence.

Judge Melissa Jackson didn’t bite, “I’m not going to give you any more chances,” the judge told Brown. “I hope you turn your life around and never again have to stand in a court of law.”


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Makeda Barnes-Joseph leaning on her cane
Aug 27 2007
11:54 am

Remy Ma’s Former Friend Speaks Out on Remy Ma and.. Foxy Brown?!?

The alleged victim of Remy Ma’s twitchy finger, and former friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph recently spoke to the NY Daily News about Remy Ma and because of events leading to her new home on Riker’s island, Foxy Brown.. “They feel that they can do whatever they want and get away with it,” said Makeda. “They think that because they’re rappers that they need to make a name for themselves. It’s ridiculous, the stupid things she [Foxy Brown] is doing.”

“Because they’re hard-core female rappers, they [think they] have to live up to what they say in their raps.”

Umm, was she thinking that the night she was hanging out with a ‘hardcore female rapper?’


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Foxy Brown
Aug 21 2007
8:08 am

Foxy Brown Allegedly Gives Police Fake Name. Gets Seven Tickets.

Foxy Brown was cruising through Bergen County, NJ last Wednesday when police pulled her over for failing to stop at a stop sign and talking on her cellphone. When police checked the registration on her SUV - ding!- it was suspended. The cops said they asked Foxy what her name was and she decided to give them a variation of her real name and a birth date that was one year off.

Now lets assume the cops asked for her drivers license first, because that’s the first thing they do - you know, after asking if there are drugs in the car. raspberry

They took the name and birth date given, popped it in the computer, and the search turned up nothing. They asked her again, this time she gave them the right information.


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foxy brown
Dec 12 2006
6:03 pm

Foxy Brown Tells Judge She Was Afraid of Being Robbed or Kidnapped

Foxy Brown is back on the scene. No, the album isn’t finished, a movie isn’t in production, all her recent projects involve judges and court buildings.

On Monday she was called into Manhattan Criminal Court to answer accusations that she isn’t complying with the terms of the three year probation charged to her for hitting two nail salon workers with a cell phone and skipping the $20 bill.

Missed appointments with her probation officer, failure to take drug tests, not enrolling in an anger management course, these are the things that were discussed.

Foxy said she left the first appointment with her p.o. after she was told she would have to wait three hours before they could give her the drug test. Not that she had other things to attend to.. she looked around and didn’t like what she saw. “There were all kinds of murderers and drug addicts and robbers in there who could be setting me up for a robbery or to be kidnapped.”


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