DMX  smoked out in a smoky room
Jun 06 2008
5:51 pm

The Five Spot - DMX and Freeway “Where You Been?”

DMX may be too busy doing 114mph in the desert and digging pitbully holes to have time for politics.. “Barack? That ain’t his name. Stop that bullsh*t”.. but he managed to squeeze in some studio time with Freeway to bang out “Where You Been?” DMX and Freeway two-step over the fat shoelace/uprock anthem “Dance to the Drummers Beat” and I’ve got admit, he sounds like the DMX of the hungry years. Just as long as he’s not barking on people to suckle his member, I’m good with dude.


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Mar 15 2008
2:43 pm

DMX on Politics and Barack Obama.. “Barack?!.. That Ain’t His Name.”

This year’s democratic presidential primaries has more people involved in the process of selecting their candidate than in many years past. Just last week, in Mississippi, democratic voter turnout was 400k+, three times what experts forecast. The most in 20 years. The Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama dynamic is the cause of all the attention.

Though you can’t escape news of what’s going on, believe it or not, some people haven’t even heard of Barack Obama. Some people, would be DMX.


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Aug 25 2007
3:35 pm

12 Pitbulls Rescued From DMX’s Arizona Home

12 starving and dehydrated dogs were taken from DMX’s home in Cave Creek, Arizona on Friday. Maricopa County police were alerted to the dog’s conditions through anonymous phone calls made two weeks ago. Waving a search warrant deputies found the malnourished dogs and the buried bodies of three others.

photographer takes picture of dead pitbulls at DMX's Arizona ranch

It wasn’t clear how they died, an investigation is underway to determine if there was *drum roll* dog fighting involved. Capt. Paul Chagolla of the Maricopa County said, “We’re doing an investigation. There’s a lot of work to be done here.”


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