Tyra Banks as Michelle Obama in Harper's Bazaar
Aug 05 2008
11:12 am

Tyra Banks as Michelle Obama in Harper’s Bazaar (The Picture)

Here’s the picture of Tyra Banks posing as Michelle Obama in that Harper’s Bazaar photo spread. Tyra’s publicist said she was going to have fun with it. Umm, I personally couldn’t tell if she was Michelle Obama or any other chick at a VIP affair.

You know who the guy is supposed to be. But if someone blindly showed you this picture, your first thought wouldn’t be.. “it’s the Obamas!”


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Tyra Banks Strikes Her Fabulous Homeless Pose
Aug 03 2008
11:26 am

Tyra Banks to Dress Up as Michelle Obama in Harper’s Bazaar

Tyra Banks has posed as a homeless person, slipped into a fat suit, held public panty parties, anything to keep all eyeballs on her.
Hey, it earned her an Emmy award. For her next act, Tyra Banks will dress as Michelle Obama for some off-show work in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.


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Tyra Banks smiles with her first ever 2008 Emmy Award
Jun 21 2008
3:16 pm

Tyra Banks Wins an Emmy Award: Kiss Her Bootylicious Ass!

Last night Tyra Banks picked up her first golden statue at the 2008 Emmy Awards. It’s been a long time coming, this September
The Tyra Banks Show will begin its fourth season. Yeah she’s the former supermodel/talk show host ‘they’ love to hate, but somehow Tyra keeps it going.

With her mother crying like a baby in the audience, Tyra Banks had a message for the doubters, critics, and she got a big forehead bashers..

“Kiss my bootylicious Ass!”


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Tyra Banks
Aug 24 2007
5:41 pm

Tyra Banks Reveals Contestants For America’s Next Top Model 9

The new season of America’s Next Top Model starts on September 19th. Yesterday the 13 contestants for the upcoming season were revealed. Given that none of the winners have really become TOP models, I’m thinking why these girls rush to compete in the first place, but then look at the fine print and there is that $100,000 contract - read, money in the bank - awaiting the winner. Of course the modeling career could amount to something - Eva’s done a great job working her new connects and looks every part the model/her decision to cut Tyra and Benny Medina as her manager could come back to hurt her - but it seems as though personality is the most important quality any of these girls could walk in the room with.

Toccara is a great example: gets booted mid-season and still gets a BET gig.

But we’re talking season 9 and other than Eva can you pick any of the previous winners out of the sea of other models in the mix?


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Tyra Banks and her brother Devin visit Walter Reed Medical Center
Aug 02 2007
10:34 am

Tyra Banks Sends Her Brother Off To Iraq With Dinner At Chin Chin

Scraped straight from Page Six..

“She’ll go public with outrageous subjects on her talk show, but Tyra Banks is keeping very private about her personal life. Spies spotted the former Victoria’s Secret model at Chin Chin on East 49th Street last Friday at a “very private” party for her younger brother, Devin Banks, an Air Force cadet who is leaving for Iraq on Aug. 9.

“Tyra was with her brother and their mom and Devin’s wife. Everyone was hugging and kissing and sending him off.” A rep for Banks declined to comment about her patriotic family.


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tyra banks - vanity fair
Jan 15 2007
11:31 am

Will The Real Tyra Banks.. Step Up Front?

Sitting at home on this MLK Jr. holiday there will be many people that watched the early morning version of The Tyra Banks Show. As a result of the popularity of America’s Next Top Model her talk show was created. The success of it allowed Tyra Banks to retire from modeling in 2005. She said it was to be more involved with the talk show, doing what she says is her life mission.. “uplifting women.”

Tyra Banks is in this month’s Vanity Fair magazine, they describe her as Oprah for the Internet Generation.

Can you get any more uplifting than that? Yeah, it’s the famous comparison.


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