Jay-Z, happy as can be
Jan 09 2012
2:40 pm

Jay-Z Records “Glory” for Blue Ivy Carter: His Greatest Creation

She’s not a week old, but with the congratulatory mentions, rumors and yes, haters, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter is the talk of the internet, Just hours ago, Jay-Z added to the conversation; he posted a song called “Glory” to mark his happiness about Blue’s entrance to the world.


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Jay-Z holding a child
Nov 21 2011
2:49 am

Jay-Z Talks Parenting: Love is Being There + He Will Change the Diapers

Jay-Z was tagged as one of GQ’s 2011 Men of the Year. In the accompanying interview he was asked about his father, Aniel Reese. Jay has talked and rapped about being hurt when his father left he and his sister and mother. When one has their own kids, there are two paths they can take: repeat the pattern or make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Jay is taking the later, but he says it’s not just about being able to give the kid all the material things and comfortable living that he can afford, it — love — doesn't cost money, it's about being there.


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Crowd outside the Watch the Throne pop-up store
Aug 13 2011
9:37 am

“Watch the Throne” Pop-Up Store/Private Party: Starring Beyonce

Friday was the first day physical copies of Watch the Throne were available to the public exclusively in Best Buy and Target. You had to get to them early; stores seemed to have a small supply and they went fast.

If you live in New York there was another option.


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Jay-Z holding Decoded at the New York Public Library
Nov 16 2010
4:25 pm

Jay-Z Talks Decoded with Cornel West @ The New York Public Library

Last night, Jay-Z sat down with Cornel West at the New York Public Library to promote his book Decoded. In Decoded Jay-Z explains the thinking behind some of his hit records and events in his life. Call it a memoir. He doesn’t like to. The NYPL host who introduced Jay-Z, said Decoded is one of the ‘more extraordinary books I have read in the last decade.”


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Beyonce and Jay-Z at 2009 NBA All Star event
Oct 20 2010
12:20 pm

Beyonce is pregnant. It’s a boy! .. Or a girl

You heard the news, Beyonce (29-years-old) is with child. You won’t see a baby bump just yet, word is she’s in her first trimester. According to sources who spoke with US Weekly, Beyonce was very surprised. “B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet. She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again.”


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Jay-Z, all black everything, performing at 2010 Bonarroo music festival
Jun 17 2010
1:46 am

Jay-Z “On to the Next” @ Bonnaroo + “Run This Town” w/ Kanye West

Life check: What did you do last weekend? If you were the, semi-disputed, best rapper alive, your schedule would have included flights to three cities on two continents, and one change of ‘showtime’ clothes between places.

On Friday, Jay-Z was in England at The Isle of Wight festival. In front of a massive crowd, he performed “Run This Town.” From the start, it was obvious Rihanna wasn’t coming out to croon the chorus, but Kanye West made a surprise appearance that drove everyone bonkers.


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Dame Dash shouts it out
Jul 09 2009
10:30 pm

Dame Dash Speaks on Jay-Z/Chris Brown: School Him, Don’t Screw Him

The second biggest fallout from the BET awards (the first being BET’s off-key MJ tribute,) was Chris Brown being pushed out of the night’s events by Jay-Z. You know the story - “Chris Brown Cut from BET Awards by the Ultimate Hustlers.” Even though it was one night, Chris Brown’s performance had the potential to wave off some of the negative vibes surrounding him since he used Rihanna’s head like a pinata.

Dame Dash, who found out the hard way about Jay-Z’s hustle game, was asked what he thought about Chris Brown getting chopped: “He’s 17 20”


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Jay-Z with a skull face t-shirt
Jun 06 2009
10:34 am

Jay-Z Death of Auto-Tune: God has Spoken!

On my way out the door for an early hands-on of the Palm Pre, but a quick look at the ‘news’ and what’s this? In a pre-Blueprint 3 move, Jay-Z is ripping all the Auto-Tune rappers for sad sacking the music.
Nothing groundbreaking, more like it had to be said. Sorta like Moses with them Commandments. You know how Jay-Z shut down the basketball jersey craze by suggesting they were for kids, we’ll see if computer plugins are now substituted for vocal lessons.


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Jay-Z and Eminem perform at DJ Hero launch concert
Jun 02 2009
4:58 pm

Jay-Z and Eminem Take the Stage @ DJ Hero Concert

Last night, celebs and those orbiting their stars, were on hand at The Wiltern in Los Angeles for the launch of DJ Hero. Anyone that had difficulty doing the whole pretending to be a rock star thing, can now simulate the skills of DMC Champs like The X-Ecutioners, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, or DJ Octo Arms. ← That’s a made up name, but aspiring turntabalists feel free to thief.


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Joe the Plumber
Nov 10 2008
2:42 pm

Joe the Plumber Gets a Taste of NY and Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club

Well, you know he’s just a working Joe.. or a working Samuel Wurzelbacher. There are so many names you give this guy, I like to call him John McCain’s last big mistake. This past weekend, Joe the Plumber left his tool belt in Ohio and flew to New York to make a guest appearance on Mike Hucakbee’s FOX news show. Since he was in the big city, on Saturday, Joe decided to visit Jay-Z’s 40/40 club.


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