A very slim 50 Cent posing in a kitchen, 54 pounds lighter
May 26 2010
11:28 pm

50 Cent aka Slim Fast, Drops 54 Pounds:  “I Was Starving”

50 Cent always finds a way to shock and awe. Most of the time it’s what comes out of his mouth that’s causing a ruckus. This afternoon, it was what his mouth looked like; more precisely - his entire mug.

The picture up top was posted on thisis50.com. He looks like he hasn’t had a meal in weeks. Considering the picture was taken in a kitchen, you’d think somebody would have tossed him a chicken leg, a plate of spaghetti, “Can a brother get a biscuit?”


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50 Cent in his Power suit
Jul 06 2009
1:36 am

50 Cent’s War Angel and Forever King: He’s Back!

Last month, 50 Cent was at Avenue in NY to debut his new fragrance “Power by 50 Cent.” Videogames, movies, vitamin enriched waters, clothing, it was the kind of brand extension gig I’ve come to expect from him. Unexpectedly, he has also restored my faith in hip-hop - at minimum it’s new music I can listen to in a loop. With Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.” leading the fight against the candy ass, mindless, meaningless, and downright fraudulent place hip-hop has been stuck in for a good minute, 50 Cent’s latest ‘free’ mixtapes War Angel and Forever King continue to speak on the subject.. Man, I can’t fit in with these n*ggas, man. N*ggas got mohawks.. and wearing skinny jeans, man. I think these n*ggas is..” You know the rest.


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50 Cent - Money and the Power
Nov 17 2008
9:56 pm

50 Cent to Donald Trump: He’s Crazy + “Get Up” Video(!)

Donald Trump is not a fan of 50 Cent’s new MTV show The Money and the Power”. In an interview with NY1, Donald Trump gave this quick analysis: “It was a copy of The Apprentice. It will fail because he’s not Trump.” Hey, I’m surprised Trump watched the show to even have an opinion. Did you? I’m going to suffer through the first episode tonight - “Choose Your Crew Wisely”

Of course, 50 Cent wasn’t going to take the Don’s criticism without a response..


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50 Cent and Bette Midler at community garden opening in Jamaica, Queens
Nov 04 2008
12:53 am

50 Cent and Bette Midler Open NYRP Community Garden in Queens

Talk about odd pairings, this afternoon, 50 Cent and Bette Midler were in Jamaica, Queens for the opening celebration of the New York Restoration Project’s newest community garden. How does Bette Midler fit into this? Bette Midler is the founder of the NYRP. Curtis Jackson (let’s mix it up) wrote a fat check for this latest community garden, with his name on it.

Call it the green unit.


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50 Cent and Al Pacino at a Righteous Kill promotion in the UK
Sep 16 2008
10:12 pm

50 Cent Talks Eminem Comeback: We’ve Seen This Before

While promoting Righteous Kill in the UK, 50 Cent was asked what kind of progress Eminem is making with his return to the rap scene. Let’s just say 50 was impressed.


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50 Cent
Aug 03 2008
9:22 pm

50 Cent Purchases Book Rights to Shaniqua Tompkin’s Life

Last week it was reported that Curtis Jackson, better known as rapper 50 Cent has purchased the rights to his baby’s mother’s life. This was said to be done so that Shaniqua Tompkin’s, the mother of his son, could not publish a tell all book in the future.


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50 Cent in purple baseball hat on Canada's MuchOnDemand
Jun 23 2008
6:33 pm

50 Cent Speaks on Shaniqua Tompkins’ Bag Habit and Young Buck’s Bad Habits

Yesterday, 50 Cent was in Canada flossing a Colgate smile for MuchOnDemand. It’s not a GQ look he’s going for. In an interview filmed in a hotel room, earlier that day. 50 explained the clean look.. “I had to cut my hair, my facial hair for the last couple scenes in the movie [Microwave Park] I’m doing with Val Kilmer and Sharon stone. I be feeling like I’m ten when I ain’t got no facial hair.”

Right after 50 said that, he paused and stumbled, “I don’t know what else to say.” But have you ever known 50 to have nibblets on his tongue?


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Young Buck and 50 Cent
Jun 18 2008
2:10 pm

Young Buck Gives 50 Cent a Call: I Know I Got Out of Line

If you’ve been keeping up with rap beefs, you know Young Buck has been going at 50 Cent.
Well now 50 has fired back, by releasing audio of Young Buck asking back into G-Unit - at the least a little money for back taxes he owes to the IRS.

Ask is probably the kind, word. What starts out as a simple explanation/I’m so very sorry for the misunderstandings and slick talk, turns into a lil breakdown.
Young Buck starts talking about the money he owes and not being able to get shows to pay it off.. and then a *sniff*.. a word.. and another *weird sniff.*


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50 Cent
Jun 16 2008
11:14 pm

50 Cent and G-Unit Get Stuck in an Elevator - Uh, Ok

50 Cent recently toured Africa, where he had the chance to meet Nelson Mandela’s grandson, gave out $20 bills to a mob of kids, and what was labeled by MTV as the ‘highlight’ of the trip.. got stuck in an elevator.

50 Cent explaining how he got stuck in an elevator

Honestly I would have never had posted this, but the fear and seriousness on 50’s face, as he talks about something as simple as being trapped in an elevator, elevates it to sad comedy.


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50 Cent
Apr 20 2008
8:47 am

50 Cent Shoots Back at Alicia Keys: I Don’t Like You No More!

In a wide-ranging interview on rhapsody.com, 50 Cent was asked what he thought of Alicia Key’s comments about gangsta rap. Leave it to 50 to make it about himself..

What did you think of Alicia Keys’ comments regarding gangsta rap in Blender?
50 Cent:“I don’t like Alicia Keys no more.”

She clarified the comments, though.
50 Cent:“If she thinks what they consider to be gangsta music is made to bring black people down then I think my shit falls into that category. I don’t like people who don’t like me. I don’t like her then because that’s what provides the life for me… “


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