R. Kelly  first post-trial interview for BET
Sep 17 2008
3:41 pm

R. Kelly Speaks: I Can’t Be Guilty for Being Innocent

R. Kelly is back. He gave his first post trial interview to BET. Looking as relaxed and happy that dodging 15 - 20 years in prison can do for a person, R. Kelly sat down with Toure and discussed how he was able to keep his head up through seven years of pressure. Gotta give it to Toure, as R. Kelly was rattling off the expected ‘gotta thank my fans’ line, he hit R. Kelly with a real question.


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R. Kelly in a pink shirt.. it's party time
Jun 13 2008
5:18 pm

R. Kelly is Not Guilty!

The jury on the R. Kelly case have deliberated, pondered, fumbled with the evidence, and found him.. “Not Guilty!”The judgment was handed in a half-hour ago. The judge gave the jury the case on Thursday. Which always makes for a ‘sound’ decision on a sunny Friday. They weren’t about to be sequestered for the weekend - I’ve been in that situation.

Neither the alleged victim or her parents testified during the trial. Only one witness, Lisa Van Allen, testified that R. Kelly had an inappropriate relationship with the girl. Van Allen mentioned that she had multiple menages with them. R. Kelly’s lawyers dismissed her claims, saying Van Allen was attempting to extort him.


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R. Kelly in the studio
May 20 2008
9:19 pm

Sex Tape Played During R. Kelly Trial: If There’s No Mole, You Gotta Let Him Go

This afternoon jurors on the R. Kelly case watched the sex tape that got him in all of this trouble. You know the details of the tape, no need to go there. As the movie played some jurors reportedly fidgeted in their seats. R. Kelly watched it along with them, occasionally shaking his head and leaning over to talk to his lawyer.

What was he saying? Likely joking.. look at that limp noodle.

R. Kelly’s lawyer, Sam Adam Jr., used the tape as proof of his main defense: R. Kelly isn’t the man on the tape. Adam showed the jury 48 pictures of scars and birthmarks on R. Kelly’s body; focusing tightly on a dime-sized mole on his back. Adam said it’s a mark he’s had since childhood. Zipping back to the tape, he asked the jury to find it on the man in the video. It’s not there.

“If There’s No Mole, You Gotta Let Him Go”


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R. Kelly leaves court house
May 15 2008
9:33 pm

R. Kelly Jury is Complete: A Look at the 12 People Selected

Jury selection for R. Kelly’s golden shower trial was completed today. The 12 people chosen are a mixture of eight Whites and four Blacks; four alternates were also selected: two Black, one Hispanic and one White. R. Kelly’s lawyers complained that more Blacks weren’t on the jury. Pointing out that the prosecution challenged (therefore dismissed) half of the Blacks they had selected. The prosecution hit back, saying all of the defense challenges were about Whites.

But it wasn’t all race accusations and tension in the court room.

A 68-year-old Romanian man, said he believes in the justice system and the presumption of innocence.
In his eyes, on day one, the score is “zero to zero.”


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golden R Kelly in Hairbraider video
Apr 24 2008
6:17 pm

R. Kelly’s “Hairbraider” (Video) + Trial Delayed Again

The start of R. Kelly’s trial has been on and off pause for eight years. The latest go date is May 9. Keeping with the way the proceedings have gone thus far, there could be another delay: a judge won’t allow R. Kelly’s defense lawyer, Sam Adam, to represent him.

Judge Vincent Gaughan asked Adam to sign an order to reinterview witnesses. R. Kelly’s other defense lawyers, Ed Genson and Marac Martin did so, Sam Adam refused the request.

The judge told Adam he would not represent Kelly’s case without the signed order.


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R. Kelly Leaves Cook County Criminal Court
Aug 23 2007
8:18 am

The Infamous Tape To Be Played During R. Kelly’s Trial

In a pre-trial hearing Tuesday afternoon the judge in the upcoming R. Kelly case, Vincent Gaughan, upheld an earlier ruling that will allow the sex tape to be shown during the trial, not just to the jurors, to the entire courtroom.

“That will give the verdict more credibility with the public,” said Gaughan. Prosecutors asked begged the judge to reconsider saying it would revictimize the girl, but he stuck to his stance, saying there was no sense in keeping the tape away from the public if the girl in question denies she’s on the tape.

As Johnny would have said..
If there is no sex. There is no victim to protect.


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Jay-Z - R. Kelly - Best of Both Worlds
Mar 22 2002
1:03 pm

Best of What?

The Best of Both Worlds was released on Tuesday, but there is a store in midtown Manhattan that always gets new CDs the Friday before the official release date. This is all retail wrapped and stickered stuff, not bootlegs.. those can be copped on the street, weeks beforehand anyway. So I walked into this store last Friday looking for some new tunes and there it was, stacked high and in full view, the infamous Best of Both Worlds album.

I had heard a few songs off the album and wasn’t impressed until I heard Flex play this song where R. Kelly was kinda rapping.. and doing a damn good job at it. Me and my cousin were shaking our heads saying how he really fucked up with all the bullshit surrounding him. This was a hot joint that would blow the album up. So I’m looking at the CD in the store thinking if I should buy it just for that song, if anything.


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