Kerry Washington in purple blouse and black skirt  - The David Letterman Show
May 05 2010
11:46 pm

Kerry Washington Visits David Letterman + Talks Mother and Child with BlackTree TV

It’s been about a year since Kerry Washington has made news around here, let’s end that streak tonight. Dressed in purple and black, with obligatory star shades, Kerry Washington was spotted, this afternoon, walking into The Ed Sullivan Theater for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, which will air tonight. This weekend her new movie, Mother and Child, will be in theatres in a limited NY/LA release.

What’s it about? Let’s check the official Sony synopsis..


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Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington and Sarah Jones
Jun 26 2009
1:12 pm

First Lady Michelle Obama Wants Substance and Purpose

Michelle Obama was happy during Barack Obama’s run for president. When they weren’t together on the campaign trail, Michelle would occasionally speak at another event in the state; holding it down and promoting the cause for Change. Now that Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief, The Washington Post is reporting that Michelle Obama is wondering what exactly she’s supposed to do with this First Lady thing ..


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Kerry Washington in Giant magazine
Aug 18 2008
8:56 pm

Kerry Washington in Giant Magazine ~ The Mirror Image

Kerry Washington is in this month’s Giant magazine as well; while we’re at it, Solange also gets a few pages. Kerry Washington talks about her involvement in Barack Obama’s campaign..

Kerry Washington Giant magazine - pool side

but it’s hard to concentrate on politics..


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Kerry Washington and Usher
Feb 28 2008
7:23 pm

Kerry Washington and Usher Hit the Campaign Trail for Barack Obama

It seems celebrities only get their close-up in the public’s eye during their worst moments. Yeah, it makes for great gossip (I read it and talk about it) but sometimes it’s nice seeing them involved in things outside of la’ nonsense. Usher and Kerry Washington are doing just that: as official surrogates, they stumped for Barack Obama in South Carolina.

Last week, Kerry Washington was at the Essence Oscar gathering; asked by Inside Edition how and why she was involved with Barack Obama’s campaign, Kerry was ready with the goods (thanks to blacktreemedia).

Kerry Washington interviewed at the Essence Oscar bash


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Kerry Washington
Aug 15 2007
4:54 pm

Kerry Washington Newly Single and Being a Black Actress in Hollywood

The only reason to see Chris Rock’s “I Think I Love My Wife” (now on DVD) is to catch Kerry Washington in her black freak-me dress.

Kerry Washington in her freak-um dress - I Think I Love My Wife

Oh, I’ve been a fan since Our Song, although back then she was just a chubby little something. Our Song was an independent movie and I believe her first film.

Since then Kerry Washington has made her presence felt in Ray, Last King of Scotland, the Fantastic Four series, a bit part in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and helped Spike Lee recreate his deviant fantasies in She Hate Me.

Tack on the Loreal endorsement contract she signed last year and that’s a nice climb from waiting tables in the East Village to keep the lights on.


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