The Obama Files - Jesse Jackson
Jul 13 2008
1:26 pm

The Obama Files: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on Duty

Sorry to say it, but Jesse Jackson did this to himself: he’s become fodder for those coffee sipping animators. In this episode of Comedy Central’s The Obama Files Jesse Jackson is sent on campaign trips to nonexistent places to keep him busy. Al Sharpton gets a taste of Obama’s diversionary tactics too.

The Obama Files - Jesse Jackson

Jesse to Al.. “You ever hear of lower Zamboota?”


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Jesse Jackson having fun with maracas
Jul 10 2008
10:10 am

Jesse Jackson’s Got the Balls!

In an interview on Fox News this past Sunday, Jesse Jackson was caught in a Hymietown moment. During a pause in the segment another guest asked him what he thought about Barack Obama’s speeches in black churches. Jesse Jackson thought his mic was off and revealed his true feelings.. “Barack’s been talking down to black people on this faith based .. I want to cut his nuts off.”


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al sharpton
Dec 26 2006
5:22 pm

Why The Tears in Al Sharpton’s Eyes?

Last night when reporting on James Brown’s death, one of the news reporters gave a little smirk when he mentioned that Al Sharpton thought of James brown as his father.

In his thought bubble you could see the words.. “There he goes again, jumping on the hot ‘black’ event.”

The thing is, Al Sharpton is very closely connected to James Brown. He knew James Brown before anyone knew Al Sharpton existed.

Yesterday outside of the National Action Network’s House of Justice Sharpton explained that he was close friends with James Brown’s son, Teddy.


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