Chris Tucker - Rush Hour 3 - Atlanta premiere
Aug 09 2007
7:36 pm

Chris Tucker Says No More Rush Hour Movies. He’s Doing New Things

Last night Chris Tucker held a Rush Hour 3 premiere in his hometown Atlanta, GA. Rush Hour 3 is the kind of movie that needs no explanation, it’s karate kicks and Chris Tucker jokes ready made for primetime TV. Yuck!

“What the heck are you doing man?.. Shut the stuff up!.. Fart off!” Whenever I see Chris Tucker these days I can’t help but think how he completely handcuffed his career for the folks at his neighborhood church.

After Friday it was their frowns that weighed heavy in his decision to watch his mouth.

That’s fine, but how many years was he performing in clubs, made appearances on Def Jam, before he decided he better listen to them? It’s his career and he’s not hurting for money, Rush Hour 3 earned him a $25 million paycheck, but unless he pulls a Will Smith and starts doing drama and action movies, he’ll forever be known as Smokey.


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