Angie Stone
Aug 09 2007
12:13 pm

Angie Stone Talks “Cruisin” and Finding D’Angelo in the Ruff

In this month’s Essence magazine Angie Stone talks about leaving J Records, satisfaction with her weight and mentions her new album “The Art of Love and War.” I say mention because there was nothing more about it in the article. No what does it sound like, direction, producers, nuffin. Well you get this much, it will be released by Stax Records, September 18th.

Much of the standout comments were about D’Angelo.. you know, when he was flexing 8 pack abs and still the ladies Brown Sugar. At that time just about everyone wondered how D’Angelo and Angie Stone ever got together, kinda like T.I. and Tiny. “What does he see in her?”

Angie broke it down..


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