Lauryn Hill with orange hair
Aug 07 2008
11:39 am

Whatever Happened To Lauryn Hill? ~ The People Story

There is an expose of sorts on Lauryn Hill in the most recent issue of People magazine. Lauryn refused to comment to them, but there are quotes from others who know or knew her at some point in time. The article starts off talking about how she lives in suburban New Jersey with her five children.

Former Fugees group member Pras Michel, is still stuck on Lauryn asking people to call her Miss Hill. He says, “When she said, ‘it’s Ms. Hill,’ I said Excuse me? She also told me she was gonna have people call her empress.”

Wyclef complained that when the Fugees reunited for a brief tour in 2005 he’d be onstage for 45-50 minutes before Lauryn would come out and join him.


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Laurn Hill Orange Hat
Oct 14 2007
2:04 pm

Lauryn Hill Impregnated For a Fifth Time By Captain Sky

Lauryn Hill is rumored to be pregnant for a fifth time by that lover man, Rohan Marley aka “me nah wear no bumbaclot condom!” I guess this will put a hold on any breath going into a new Lauryn Hill album and get a good laugh from Wyclef when he hears the news. You know, laugh in a sh*t is sad kind of way. Sad = where her life is now compared to where it was. If you ask her though that’s completely subjective.

Bob Marley had 11 kids, Rohan Marley is possibly working on his 7th.

I reserve comment, instead a celebration is in order as we all pay homage to the super-duper potion that swims in the Marley sac.


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Lauryn Hill - Wingate Park
Aug 08 2007
1:43 pm

Lauryn Hill Beams Down to Wingate Park: The Natives Reactions Are Mixed

Lauryn Hill commanded Scotty to beam her down from the heavens on Monday night for a special performance at Wingate Park in Brooklyn, NY. She was two hours late getting on stage, long enough to really frustrate people. Yeah, keep people waiting and they get fidgety, especially when it’s a free concert. “What kind of fuckery is this? Instead of just leaving they waited and complained. Actually ‘fuckery’ is what some people thought of Lauryn Hill’s performance, a mashup of new songs, blended with her greatest hits, stretched and spliced with remixed arrangements, and in some cases different verses.

Depending on who you ask it was either a complete disaster or an enjoyable performance. After just a few songs into her set, two thousand or so of the estimated 12,000 people headed for the exits.


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Lauryn Hill
Aug 03 2007
3:15 pm

Lauryn Hill Talks Fugees, New Album, and Rumors

I know it’s fashionable to call Lauryn Hill crazy, say that she’s on drugs, both illegal and by prescription. I’m guilty of it. I dropped the off-center line the other day, which prompted the Lauryn Hill fan (tcphilosopher?) to post a link to a Lauryn Hill interview in the comments yesterday, asking for equal shine in the wake of Wyclef’s statements in the Scratch interview.

If you actually watch her interview, and really listen, there is no way you can continue to honestly believe Lauryn Hill is just out there.

The first three minutes there is an obvious feeling out dance thing going on, Lauryn not sure where the interviewer is coming from (friend or foe), not sure how much to say, or even what.. around 4:30 she begins to open up.


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Wyclef - Scratch magazine
Jul 30 2007
4:27 pm

Wyclef Speaks on Fugee Non-Reunion: Lauryn Hill’s the Problem

On one hand you hear of a new Fugee album and think, “Umm, aren’t they called the Black Eyed Peas now.” On the other you realize that BEP are like the little cousins that soaked up the Fugee formula, yet something was left in the sponge. The Fugees had the perfect blend of commercial, soul, and hip-hop that has yet to be truly duplicated. Given the right circumstances a new Fugee album would prove that and inject a welcome dose of creative spirit into hip-hop.

Lauryn Hill

Of course with Lauryn Hill looking as off-center as ever since shunning the celebrity life for babies and hard-to-grasp spiritual beliefs, that reunion might not be such a great idea. And who knows where Pras stands - although I suspect his only job would be to do just that, stand in the right spot.. thanks Pras.


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