Mar 03 2008
6:43 pm

Flavor of Love’s Saaphyri Gets Her Lip Chap Popping

I’ve missed all but the first and second episodes of Flavor of Love 3; the last thing on my mind is to dial in when it’s scheduled
(Note to the networks: Put all of your shows online, in full. People would watch every episode - when they want to. It’s about impulse viewing.) Last night I caught the last 5 minutes of the repeat - Hotlanta, Bee-Ex and Grayvee were on blast.


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Flavor Flav
Aug 03 2007
4:47 pm

Flavor Flav Back For Season 3 and Sargent Beverly

Just when you thought it was over, Flavor Flav is back for another season of love and foolishness. He said he finally found real love with Deelishis, but that just poofed into the clouds with speculation of side babies and other women coming out immediatley after the show. Apparently women can’t get enough of the black licorice man.

I like to call it real pimpin’.

Had he been working the streets of Detroit with Don Magic Juan, there would have been someone else parading around with that diamond studded goblet.

The difference with this upcoming season and the rest.. you won’t expect the winner to be with him past the finale. And any chick might as well trash that line .“I’m not here for TV.” We all know you want to be pulled off the couch, get a couple of video and magazine appearances, even if it’s just for a couple of months. Deelishis is their role model - yea, no one wants to be Hoopz.


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New York's mother - Flavor of Love 2
Oct 02 2006
4:27 pm

Flavor of Love 2: Like Mother Like Daughter.. It’s Over

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree - have you heard that before (haha) - last night New York’s mother demonstrated there’s truth in that cliche’ beyond McIntosh and Granny apples.

It was a Meet the Parents episode: Flav invited the three remaining girls (Delishis, NY, and Krazy) families to the mansion and they met his kids. The minute NY’s mother stepped in the door she had attitude. Flav had to expect it, she hated him last time. But from the first foot in front of the other? Flav saw her frowning up and asked what the problem was. Momma Drama started screaming and yelling. Flav screamed back. Big Rick tried to break it up, which made her even crazier. That’s when she pushed Flav back, as if to line him up for a right-cross to the jaw.

Flav threw her out the house, she left gladly, but after thinking about it, came back defiantly. She’s not about to take sh*t form William Drayton (she refuses to call him Flav - always using the government.) He let her stay. She eventually apologized.

The other girls families were pretty much accepting of Flav.


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