Apr 17 2008
4:15 pm

Akon’s Faked Criminal Past: He Was Never “Locked Up”

On the heels of The Smoking Gun revealing that The Los Angeles Times was fooled by a con man, there was buzz that they were working on another big story: a mutli-platinum singer was going to be exposed.

The first name that came to mind was Mr. Blonde Ambition. Other than R. Kelly, what platinum singer do you think would have dirt to be kicked around? Ciara is a boy! <

< joke.

Turns out the expose was about Akon's fictional criminal past: his three years in jail - which inspired "Locked Up" - was actually three years probation. Akon (Aliaune Thiam) has six arrests, one a felony for gun possession (

that’s where the mugshot is from)

Akon mugshot from a New Jersey gun possession arrest


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Aug 01 2007
9:25 am

Akon Wants to Collab With “Official Convict” Paris Hilton

Akon was thousand of miles away from the U.S. this past week, performing on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta in the Isle of MTV Festival.

Unfortunately for the blog world he didn’t pull off any Beyonce-esque stair surfing.

The day after the concert he was approached by US Ambassador Molly Bordonaro to speak at the Marsa Open Centre to visit his many fans, giving hands on support for a message he delivered during the concert.


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