ABC Geico Caveman
Jul 26 2007
8:14 pm

Geico Cavemen: Are They Black, Are they White or Just Very Hairy

Television critics got a sneak peek at ABC’s upcoming “Cavemen” show starring the characters from the Geico commercials. In the series the caveman are seemingly always misunderstood and upset about how they are perceived in society. They’re also great dancers, known for their athletic ability, boast about their sexual prowess and have people they look down on as well - the shavers aka the clean shaven people.

After seeing the pilot episode TV critics are saying it had racial undertones the show’s creators aren’t admitting to and asked “Just who are these characters based on?”

Before the press conference “Cavemen” producers expected to be bombarded with questions about commercialism - you know, what’s next The Geico Lizard movie and books?

Instead they found themselves fending off hostile critics.


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