Patricia Legarreta and Jarell Brooks, sit down for interview with ABC news
Jul 23 2012
11:07 pm

Jarell Brooks Speaks: Saved a Mother and her Two Kids in Theater Shooting

On Saturday, while watching coverage of the Colorado movie theater shooting, and the focus began to turn toward the survivors of the incident; a standout was one with Ann Curry, and a guy and his girlfriend and a baby. The guy was talking about surviving the incident, started crying and said he was so overwhelmed with emotion that he had just proposed to his girlfriend.


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Trayvon Martin sticker on man's jacket
Mar 22 2012
2:36 am

Were There a #millionhoodies at the March for Trayvon Martin?

Yesterday, there was a great turnout for the #millionhoodie march in NYC’s Union Square. People of all races and ages showed up to support Trayvon Martin’s parents as they pursue justice in their son’s death. Since they were in the city doing interviews earlier in the day, on the Today Show and Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation, his parents came to Union Square to speak and thank everyone for well, just giving a damn - that’s a shot at you Sanford, Florida.


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1,000,000 Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin flyer
Mar 21 2012
1:55 am

1,000,000 Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin - #millionhoodies

Trayvon Martin’s tragic story happened over three weeks ago, but on Friday, March 16, with the release of the 911 tapes to the public, his murder has finally gained national attention. To keep the media’s attention and gain some traction with authorities looking into the case, there is a push to help Trayvon’s parents get 1 million signatures on their petition.

The marchers will gather in NYC at 6 p.m. in Union Square and then make their way to the United Nations building — it is being held in conjunction with the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.


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Jay-Z 99 Problems on the Brooklyn Bridge
Mar 11 2010
2:10 pm

This Kid’s Got 90 Problems and a B*tch is 1.. 2..

Young Iranians used Twitter to dispute election results; charities collected millions for victims of Haiti’s earthquake; President Obama’s address was discussed nationwide; and whenever Steve Jobs takes the stage for a new ‘groundbreaking’ Apple product announcement, it’s a hot topic. With that deep breath, when nothing is going on in the world, Twitter’s trend lists can be pretty ridiculous/juvenile. No intellectual holy water to splash. It’s simply a reflection of the conversations people have on the daily; if Jack Dorsey had never sketched his vision of a SMS social network, people would still make those trend list topics public knowledge.


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AV Rockwell - N screenshots
Dec 28 2009
5:34 pm

AV Rockwell: Conversations in the Word of N

There are a few words I try not to say, one of them is nigga. Even with the remixed spelling, it just doesn’t feel like a complimentary term; certainly not something I’d call a friend. So on the occasions I do use it, it’s usually in the ‘correct’ context: angry or pointing out the stupidity of folks. The debate over whether to use the word or not, and who gets that ‘privilege’ is time that can be better spent.


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Charla Nash on Oprah
Nov 11 2009
9:05 pm

Charla Nash: Chimp Attack Victim Reveals Face on Oprah

On February 16, Charla Nash drove to a friend’s house in Connecticut for what she thought would be an easy situation to solve. Sandra Herold called her for help with her chimpanzee that was running wild. When Charla got out of the car she found herself in front of an enraged - soon to be discovered -, drugged chimp that literally ripped her face off.
Charla Nash survived the horrifying attack and this afternoon Oprah was able to convince her that people want to see the damage the chimp did to her.


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The Bronx liquor store that spit out Jimmy Groves megamillion winning ticket
Sep 10 2009
1:37 pm

It’s Jimmy Groves, New York’s $168 Million Mega Man!

James “Jimmy” Groves was one of two winners of the recent $336 million Mega Millions lottery. He lives in the projects in Harlem and works as a laborer at Madison Square Garden. Not exactly a high paying job, Jimmy had just missed a credit card payment, which could explain why he was in a liquor store when he decided to try his luck at Mega Millions with the last dollar in his pocket. You can only imagine the excitement he felt when his numbers floated to the top of that Mega Millions bowl. Word is he hasn’t shown up for that MSG job ever since.


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Evian Water roller skating babies
Jul 10 2009
1:53 pm

Evian Water Rollerskating Break Babies: You Love Em’

The quickest way to put a smile on a person’s face is to show them a baby doing grown up things. So it’s a no brainer that Evian Water’s latest commercial featuring babies on roller skates, spinning on their heads like the Illseeds of the Rock Steady Crew is a certified triple platinum viral hit.


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John and Maggie Anderson
May 13 2009
3:15 pm

Buy Black for a Year? Meet the Andersons

Do you think you could shop exclusively in black owned stores for an entire year? John Anderson, a Harvard graduate, and his wife Maggie, who earned a law degree and an MBA from the University of Chicago are doing just that. It’s something they’re calling The Empowerment Experiment. The purpose is to help black businesses during these ‘tough economic times’ and help break the stereotype that well run, black owned establishments do not exist. The Andersons are taking it as far as filling up their car’s gas tanks at black-owned stations. The closest station is 40 miles away from their home. So they buy gas cards from the black owned station and swipe em’ like debit cards at more convenient locations. As of May 1, they have spent $27,000 dollars with black-owned businesses.


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Chirstopher wallace Jr. aka Biggie's son at NASDAQ
Jan 11 2009
5:15 pm

Voletta Wallace and Biggie Jr. Open NASDAQ + Thrasher TV

Last Thursday morning, Voletta Wallace and her grandson Christoper Wallace Jr. were in Times Square, at the NASDAQ headquarters to ring their opening bell. A new movie to promote gives you that kind of access. Christopher as you know is Biggie’s son, he turned 12 on October 29. I’m not sure if he has any interest in picking up a mic, but honestly, that’s a rough road to ride. Living up to or even exceeding his Pop’s verbal gymnastics is just about impossible. Kind of like Michael Jordan’s son, he’s got to get to Lebron or Chris Paul’s level to impress anyone.


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