Michael Polensek
Jul 24 2007
10:06 pm

Councilman Gets Funky With Alleged Drug Dealer: You’re Dumber Than Mud

Councilman Michael Polensek has represented Cleveland’s 11th Ward for 25 years. Apparently when he’s not at the office, he’s kicking back and getting inspired by episodes of The Wire. Like those HBO characters, Polensek sports a nickname: Mcgruff the Crime Dog, and he has a list of people in the neighborhood on his *hitlist.

After hearing about an alleged drug dealer’s arrest, Arsenio Winston, 18, Polensek recognized the name as one of his biggest troublemakers. He fired up a copy of Word and got his bark on. “You have to be dumber than mud”.. “stupid a*s” ..“loser” .. “piece of trash” were some of the choice words from the councilman.

He laughed because Winston’s “gang ratted” him out and signed off with this tender sentiment.. “Go to jail or the cemetery soon.”


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