Brandy and Chris Brown smile in put it down video
Aug 14 2012
10:50 pm

New Video: Brandy feat. Chris Brown “Put it Down”

<p>Brandy is back with the video for “Put it Down”, her collaboration with Chris Brown. Directed by Hype Williams, it’s splashed with vibrant colors and the high gloss slickness that a singer on Brandy’s level is accustomed to. A few weeks ago Brandy was on The Skorpion Show talking about this video. She said she had to put in some work to keep up with Chris Brown’s dance moves, but that physical awkwardness never hit the screen.</p>


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Chris Brown at a restaurant with his new blonde hairdo
Feb 27 2011
9:23 pm

Chris Brown Dyes his Hair Blonde: Look at me Now; for the F.A.M.E.

What the? Chris Brown has gone blonde. Chris posted the pictures yesterday on his Twitter account, with the simple declaration: “Look at me now!” The change comes on the cusp of the release of his new album F.A.M.E. I think Chris Brown has made the right move. There is nothing like an unexpected new look to get people yapping and gawking and there is plenty of that going on.


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Chris Brown crying, one finger in the air at the 2010 BET Awards
Jun 28 2010
3:31 pm

Chris Brown Crying at the BET Awards? I Say, Staged.. but Genuine

Last night’s BET Awards was one of the best shows they’ve put on in years. As far as talking points, at the top of the list is Chris Brown crying during “Man in the Mirror,” part of his Michael Jackson tribute performance. Was Chris Brown having a genuine moment? I believe it was genuine, but also planned. One could argue that the lyrics to “Man in the Mirror” were what sproughted his tears, but for me it was just too perfect of a snapshot. Chris Brown was banned from last year’s award show and has apologized for the incident with Rihanna, to no avail? The feeling that he can’t kick: Chris Brown is sorry; sorry that his career has been stuck on the corner of Shyt Street and Stain Avenue, ever since he five pieced her.


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Chris Brown poses with female police officers at Rucker Park
Jul 27 2009
11:14 pm

Chris Brown Plays Ball at Rucker Park. Shows NYC Police Love

Chris Brown might not be welcome at BET Award shows but he received a very, warm welcome from everyone at NYC’s Rucker Park. Chris Brown took a second to strike a pose with two of NYC’s finest before walking on the court. They will probably want copies of that for themselves.


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Dame Dash shouts it out
Jul 09 2009
10:30 pm

Dame Dash Speaks on Jay-Z/Chris Brown: School Him, Don’t Screw Him

The second biggest fallout from the BET awards (the first being BET’s off-key MJ tribute,) was Chris Brown being pushed out of the night’s events by Jay-Z. You know the story - “Chris Brown Cut from BET Awards by the Ultimate Hustlers.” Even though it was one night, Chris Brown’s performance had the potential to wave off some of the negative vibes surrounding him since he used Rihanna’s head like a pinata.

Dame Dash, who found out the hard way about Jay-Z’s hustle game, was asked what he thought about Chris Brown getting chopped: “He’s 17 20”


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Chris Brown perfroms in his Thriller jacket at 2006 World Music Awards
Jun 30 2009
12:29 pm

Chris Brown Cut from BET Awards by the Ultimate Hustlers

Like Usher, Chris Brown was also a no show at the BET Awards. Oh, he was ready to put on a fantastic Michael Jackson tribute, but at the last minute, Chris was axed from the show. Rumors have it that both Al Sharpton and Jay-Z weren’t happy with Chris Brown being part of the show. It’s said that Jay-Z told BET execs that he and Beyonce would not perform if Chris Brown was on the stage. And Al Sharpton made such a ruckus to BET executives that they gave in, telling Chris to.. beat it.


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Dawn Richard
Mar 08 2009
6:51 pm

Dawn Richard Speaks on Chris Brown and Rihanna + “If I Could”

Someone should stitch together all of the celebrity responses to the Chris Brown and Rihanna mess. Actually don’t know that it would be anything different than what we the people have been saying. I personally think they’ve both done permanent damage to their careers: Chris Brown post-fight photo and Rihanna post-reconciliation. There is another view that the situation has been blown up and people need to let them work it out beyond the blog posts, TV, radio and gossip magazine covers.

Dawn Richards holds that opinion. Speaking to MTV she said.. “I think they’re both great artists. It’s a shame and I think it’s their business and it sucks that it has to be out there. The media attention is like a microscope — everybody’s in your stuff. It’s their business and whatever they choose to do with it, I wish them luck. It’s not my business. I wish that everybody would back off and let them deal with it the way they deal with it. I can’t give advice.”


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Chris Brown in Los Angeles courtroom with his attorney
Mar 06 2009
11:49 am

Chris Brown Goes to Court: via Police Report “Now I’m Really Gonna Kill You”

Yesterday afternoon Chris Brown was in a Los Angeles courtroom for his arraignment. The judge officially identified Rihanna as the victim in the case and charged Chris Brown with two felonies: assault likely to cause bodily harm and making criminal threats. Chris Brown didn’t enter a plea (guilty/not guilty), his attorney asked for a continuance, which means the arraignment is on hold until April 6. Rihanna wasn’t in court but her attorney Donald Etra told the judge there was no need for a ‘stay away’ order, “Rihanna requested that no such order be issued,” he said.


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Chris Brown and Rihanna - It's a Love Thang
Feb 28 2009
3:21 pm

Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together? Quiet Time on Star Island

According to People magazine, Chris Brown and Rihanna have made up and are currently spending quiet time at one of Diddy’s houses on Star Island. Chris Brown reportedly called Rihanna on her 21st birthday (Feb 20) to wish her the best and tell her how much he cares for and adores her. Speaking about the kiss and make-up, a source told People.. “They care for each other. While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves.”

It’s great for them if it’s true, but is Chris Brown serious about this love and affection he speaks of or is it like any other guy that lays the pimp smack on a woman only to sweet talk them a few days later with ‘sincere’ apologies and babble about how hard his heart beats for her? You know, the woman really cares for dude so she accepts the apology (black eye and all) and they hop back on the merry-go-round until the next time he loses control.


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Rihanna / Chris Brown fight photo - the bumps and bruises
Feb 20 2009
9:54 am

Rihanna Fight Photo: The Black and Blues

Well I said I was waiting for Rihanna’s police photo and here it is. Shockingly it’s very close to my description of black and blues. Obviously TMZ obtained the photo and the LAPD has verified that the picture is authentic. They also claim to be conducting an internal investigation to find out who ‘leaked’ the picture to TMZ. If anyone is found they could be fired.

Don’t break a sweat over that. This looks like a purposeful leak to reverse the goodwill Chris Brown has gotten since the news broke. The general feeling is that this was just a heated argument and some of Chris Brown’s fans have littered comment boxes saying Rihanna brought the fight on herself. Take a look at that picture, do you think she deserved that? That was more than an in the moment swing of the arm. It looks like some serious knuckle work. Like Chris Brown’s official statement says.. He needs God.


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