Top Models at California audition
Mar 15 2009
11:38 pm

Top Models Go Wild in New York: The Shorty Edition!

Top Model’s 12th Cycle began on March 9. On Saturday, thousands of hopeful models lined up outside the Park Central Hotel in New York City to audition for the 13th Cycle. You can also call it the Shorty Edition: to qualify, models have to be 5’7 and under. That’s about the average female height, so the audition drew more than the normal amount of contestants.

Top Model audition. The line outside the Park Central hotel

Some girls slept outside the building in sleeping bags the night before. By morning, there were an estimated ten thousand women waiting.


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Tyra Banks
Aug 24 2007
5:41 pm

Tyra Banks Reveals Contestants For America’s Next Top Model 9

The new season of America’s Next Top Model starts on September 19th. Yesterday the 13 contestants for the upcoming season were revealed. Given that none of the winners have really become TOP models, I’m thinking why these girls rush to compete in the first place, but then look at the fine print and there is that $100,000 contract - read, money in the bank - awaiting the winner. Of course the modeling career could amount to something - Eva’s done a great job working her new connects and looks every part the model/her decision to cut Tyra and Benny Medina as her manager could come back to hurt her - but it seems as though personality is the most important quality any of these girls could walk in the room with.

Toccara is a great example: gets booted mid-season and still gets a BET gig.

But we’re talking season 9 and other than Eva can you pick any of the previous winners out of the sea of other models in the mix?


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